Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #186

Our little Community held an epic “Movie under the Stars Night” at the Center last Saturday. Everyone gathered around 7pm, watching cartoons until it was dark enough to see “Monolith Monsters” on the large, outdoor screen. Scores of Neighborly People showed up: some with Friends; others with their Children; Bob Deloyd brought his beautiful Dalmation, Cassie: it was a grand gathering indeed!

movie night at copper mountain mesa community center
Monolith Monsters, movie night at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
Congratulations and kudos to Creators and Co-Founders of the whole “Movie Night” idea: Ken and Teresa Sitz, as well as our amazing Kip Fjeld: who all did a marvellous job with the Public Relations, special equipment, research, production and organization. Thanks to all of You who made the effort to tootle down the dirt road to join us at this record-breaking Event!

Rave reviews have been appearing on social media: everyone agreed it was a great get-together; with a memorable movie, lots of great snacks and other refreshments. Including the little bags of chocolate, pebble-looking candies, labelled: “Copper Mountain Mesa Rocks”: everyone loved those! Next “Movie under the Stars Night” at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Centre, is on Saturday, September 20th. Mark your Calendars

The first USDA Food Give-away since our beloved Chris Jonas died, ran smoothly last Monday. Thanks to Bill Treas, Chris’ daughter Kerrie, Patrick Whalen, Chris van Nortrick, the Thrift Room Ladies and all the Volunteers for making the transition so smooth.

We are constantly reminded of the extraordinary Service the late Chris Jonas gave to us, his Neighbors and the entire Community. He organized and ran the USDA, Potluck Party, Bingo and the Thrift room and we are scrambling to fill his magnificent shoes. Next Saturday, August 30th, we are holding a special Potluck Party in Memory of Chris Jonas. Please join us and bring photos of Chris if possible. Create recipes that remind you of Chris, or you remember him liking in the past; anything we can do to honor his memory.

Big Shindig at The Palms in Wonder Valley today: Live Music begins at 4pm with performances by Jessika von Rabbit; amazing trio The Sibleys and other great Bands. Stay well!
Annelies Kuiper

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