Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #187

Our little Community will be holding our monthly Potluck Party, in the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center on Winters Road, this afternoon at 4o’clock. This Potluck is in memory of Chris Jonas, our super-hero Volunteer, who died last month. Chris, who was known throughout the Community for his mischievous sense of humor, caring heart and the best hugs on the Mesa, is deeply missed by all of us who had the privilege of knowing him. Please join us in celebrating Chris’ life; as well as enjoying some of the best and most delicious culinary creations from around these parts.

There was huge excitement on the Mesa recently, when a local pot farm was paid a visit by local and federal constabulary! Very close to the border of the Marine Base, on Daisy Lane, a large, outdoor marijuana grow was raided and arrests were made. Jim and I saw the convoy of white Sheriff’s SUVs and black, unmarked trucks proceeding east on Daisy, at a pretty fast pace. We were very curious about the goings-on, but decided not to mosey on over and be lookie-loos! When we read the headlines in this newspaper, we realised what we had partially witnessed. Who knew there was a pot farm just over the hill from us? I walk over that way with our dog every morning and never noticed a thing!

What really irked us more than anything, was the fact that the growers arrested weren't even from around here. They were from Sacramento and other distant cities; even Mexico. How dare they use our pristine Desert Paradise for their enormously profitable, clandestine operations; without even paying taxes, offering local employment opportunities or in any way sharing their wealth with our Community? Phaw, I say!

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone: it’s the unofficial end of Summer and a welcome day off for College students, yay! Our first Tuesday of the month Bingo evening is this week; come and have some fun: the party starts at 6pm. Next Saturday morning from 8-11, please join us for our monthly Breakfast at the Center. Stay well!
Annelies Kuiper

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