Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #191

Our little Community “Movie under the Stars” evening went off extremely well last Saturday. Organizers Teresa and Ken Sitz and Kip Fjeld did a wonderful job with the ticket sales; snacks and refreshments; as well as setting-up and taking down all the technical equipment required. It was a beautiful, moonless evening, under a canopy of stars. Ken’s hot dogs and popcorn were gobbled up immediately. Teresa had her little bags of “Copper Mountain Mesa Rocks”: delicious chocolate candies which looked just like little rocks; while Mary Helen Tuttle baked yummy muffins for the occasion. Sodas were available in the machine and some folks brought coolers with their favorite beverages. We all enjoyed a fun evening and look forward to next month’s movie: “Tarantula”!

Movie night at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
Ken Sitz (with spider) and Kip Fjeld at the projector.
This afternoon from 4pm, the Potluck Party will be happening at the Community Center. We had scheduled a “Suicide Awareness” presentation, by Jasmine Gutierrez from Pacific Clinics, immediately after the Potluck. Unfortunately, this presentation has now been postponed until Saturday October 11th at 11am; following the CMMCA Board meeting, which starts at 10.

We will be holding our newly-forming PTSD Support Group on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month: so the 14th and 28th of October, starting at 6pm. This Group is for those of us who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, whether military or civilian: I will be there. The setting is informal; sharing and caring are encouraged. Car-pooling is a possibility; let us know what you need. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Please join us at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, located at 65-336 Winters Road in Far North Joshua Tree! You can email me at or message us on our Facebook page: Copper Mountain Mesa Community.

We now have two websites: the one Bob Deloyd has hosted for years, at which has all the Archives of Columns going back 15 years, useful tips, Bob’s blog, photos, etc. Our newest website is hosted by Teresa and Ken Sitz at, containing pertinent information, membership payments and renewals, and a blog. Stay well!
Annelies Kuiper

Monday, September 22, 2014

A CMMCC Website

Welcome to the 
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center Foundation/Association!

Everyone is welcome to attend the Center's events.


October 18, 2014 - "doors" open at 7:00 p.m.
Bring the kids, some chairs and a cooler.
Movie: $3.00 donation Snacks: .50 - 2.50 donation

copper mountain mesa community center movie night
Bring the kids for this spine-tingling pre-Halloween event!

Are you going on the HIGHWAY 62 ART TOUR?
Start it right with a big healthy breakfast at the
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
First Saturday Breakfast for only $5.00!
Start the day right with some coffee, breakfast, and a kiss from a pretty waitress (or Patrick)!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #190

Our little Community Board Meeting lasted a whopping two hours last Saturday morning! Longest in my living memory and Ive been on the Board since 2007. We had so many excited people eagerly participating in the ongoing discussions about what we can do to keep our beloved Copper Mountain Mesa moving forward in a positive and beneficial way for all of us.

Susie Gardner, a relative newcomer to the Neighborhood, was very excited about the Thrift Room and all the possibilities to be explored for the good of the Community Center. Everything has been cleaned out and rearranged recently. Great job Kathy, Yvonne, Patrick and Susie; thanks Neighbors!

One big favor to ask of donors to our Thrift Room. Please do not dump old mattresses or box springs at the Community Center. Last Saturday, when we all arrived for the meeting, there was a stack of very “used” mattresses by the Thrift Room door and a large pile of “stuff” by the main entrance. If you have donations, please attend the monthly Events when the “Store” is open, or call one of the phone numbers posted outside, for an appointment.

Next Saturday, September 27th, our monthly Potluck Party will be followed by a “Suicide Awareness” presentation by Jasmine Gutierrez, from Pacific Clinics. We are excited to welcome Jasmine, who will also be leading our Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Support Groups, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 6pm; starting in October: military and civilians welcome.

I’m so sad to tell you: our beloved, long-time Neighbor, Ila Foyil died recently. She was a beautiful Lady, inside and out; always impeccably groomed and a friendly, welcoming face at many Community Events over the years. We miss you, Ila: bon voyage!

 Tonight, at sunset, we are holding our second “Movies Under the Stars” evening; featuring “Inferno”! There will be food, refreshments, novelty items like “Copper Mountain Mesa Rocks!” chocolate candies and other yummies brought by your favorite Neighbors. Last month’s Show brought rave reviews from around the Morongo Basin. See you there, bring a chair: stay well! 
Annelies Kuiper

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #189

Our little Community enjoyed another well-attended first Saturday Breakfast at the Center last week. We served 65+ folks, including several children. It was lovely to see all the familiar faces and welcome a few new ones; among which: Jasmine and Linda, who we were privileged to welcome to our Community Gathering. These amazing Women and their colleagues at Pacific Clinics in Yucca Valley, reach out to so many people in the Morongo Basin. With the help of Pacific Clinics and under their expert guidelines, we are organizing a bi-monthly support group, at our Community Center, to help people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; both military and civilian. We are still in the planning stages and the Board has not quite given final approval, but everyone seems to think it’s a marvellous idea. Thank you for joining us Jasmine and Linda, yay for all your good work! The Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association’s Board Meeting is going on this morning from 10am. We will be discussing the PTSD group, amongst many other exciting topics and Teresa Sitz has promised to be there “with bells on”. Teresa and her husband Ken are so excited about being part of this Neighborhood and they are very knowledgeable, organized and action-oriented. Teresa is now on the admin panel with me, contributing her talents and skills to our Facebook page : “Copper Mountain Mesa Community”. Check out the photos, blog and stuff: then ‘Like’ us to receive all the updates and News from our neck-o’-the-Desert! Teresa and Ken, along with everyone’s favorite Neighbor, Kip Fjeld; will be putting on another “Movie under the Stars” night at the Community Center, next Saturday, September 20th, around sunset-ish. This month, we get to watch “Inferno”! Neighbors are all excited about it, because last month’s Movie night was such a brilliant success, receiving rave reviews from around the Morongo Basin! Tonight, Copper Mountain College is holding the annual “Taste of Morongo” event, put on by the Rotary Club, from 6-8pm. Tickets are $20 per person and delicious food is provided by some of the Morongo Basin’s finest Restaurants. Stay well!
Annelies Kuiper

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hi-Desert Column #188

Our little Community Center was jam-packed during last Saturday’s Potluck Party, which was held in Memory of Chris Jonas. Chris, who passed away in late July, was a longtime Mesa resident and extraordinary Volunteer! So many Neighbors, Friends and Family showed up for the occasion that every seat in the Center was occupied. At least one third of the attendees were part of Chris’ enormous family.

Two long tables were required to accommodate all the food people brought. A huge, expertly roasted beef brisket; enchiladas; casseroles; countless Salads; vegetable dishes: too much food to name! Then the desserts: oh-my-gosh! Pies; cakes; trifles; puddings; jello; fruit salad - you name it, somebody brought it! I ate some of everything; tossing my gluten intolerance worries aside for this monumental occasion. Phew: we have some great chefs on this Mesa, that’s for sure.

Mary Helen Tuttle welcomed us all to the Party and asked everyone to introduce themselves and say a little something about Chris; perhaps share a story. It took a long time, as 80+ Loved Ones and Neighbors introduced themselves and shared their memories of Chris. Many of us were tearful, as the love and emotion in the room was overwhelming at times. Some of us shared humorous memories about Chris; laughing through our tears.

One thing everyone agreed on: Chris Jonas was a wonderful human and we all loved him very much indeed. It’s so hard to believe that this vibrant, generous mischievous, hard-working, loving man is no longer here with us. Many of us remarked that Chris left some huge shoes to fill and we will all miss him terribly. Bon voyage, to our dear Friend.

Relentlessly, Life moves on. This morning, from 8-11am, we are holding our monthly, First Saturday Breakfast, in the Community Center. For just 5 bucks you get: eggs, bacon or sausage, home-fried potatoes, pancakes, biscuits and gravy or toast and all the coffee you can gulp! August’s Breakfast was a record-breaker; help us set a new record this month!

Note: Wonder Valley’s ‘Glass Outhouse Gallery’ reopens today; exhibiting local artists’ work. Stay well!
Annelies Kuiper