Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #190

Our little Community Board Meeting lasted a whopping two hours last Saturday morning! Longest in my living memory and Ive been on the Board since 2007. We had so many excited people eagerly participating in the ongoing discussions about what we can do to keep our beloved Copper Mountain Mesa moving forward in a positive and beneficial way for all of us.

Susie Gardner, a relative newcomer to the Neighborhood, was very excited about the Thrift Room and all the possibilities to be explored for the good of the Community Center. Everything has been cleaned out and rearranged recently. Great job Kathy, Yvonne, Patrick and Susie; thanks Neighbors!

One big favor to ask of donors to our Thrift Room. Please do not dump old mattresses or box springs at the Community Center. Last Saturday, when we all arrived for the meeting, there was a stack of very “used” mattresses by the Thrift Room door and a large pile of “stuff” by the main entrance. If you have donations, please attend the monthly Events when the “Store” is open, or call one of the phone numbers posted outside, for an appointment.

Next Saturday, September 27th, our monthly Potluck Party will be followed by a “Suicide Awareness” presentation by Jasmine Gutierrez, from Pacific Clinics. We are excited to welcome Jasmine, who will also be leading our Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Support Groups, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 6pm; starting in October: military and civilians welcome.

I’m so sad to tell you: our beloved, long-time Neighbor, Ila Foyil died recently. She was a beautiful Lady, inside and out; always impeccably groomed and a friendly, welcoming face at many Community Events over the years. We miss you, Ila: bon voyage!

 Tonight, at sunset, we are holding our second “Movies Under the Stars” evening; featuring “Inferno”! There will be food, refreshments, novelty items like “Copper Mountain Mesa Rocks!” chocolate candies and other yummies brought by your favorite Neighbors. Last month’s Show brought rave reviews from around the Morongo Basin. See you there, bring a chair: stay well! 
Annelies Kuiper

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