Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #192

Our little Community held the monthly Potluck Party last Saturday afternoon, at the Community Center. I was not able to attend, as I was part of the Crew on a MultiMedia shoot. However, our very own Bob Deloyd was there and he provided a list of all the Yummies people brought.  Bob created his mystery chile casserole. Mary Koval and Chris Van Nortrich prepared Fancy Jello, rolls, fruit punch, cheesy mac casserole, key lime and pineapple pies, veggies and dip, grape soda and a chocolate birthday cake for Chris's birthday. Dorothy Jacobsen  brought spaghetti and a chicken casserole. Her daughter, Dyan Carroll made her ham and cheese rollups, a tasty truffle and a fresh fruit bowl. Kip Fjeld created his delicious homemade guacamole with chips. Patrick Whalen prepared his fabulous Chile Acquilles and peach torts. Susie Gardner brought Polish sausage and veggie pasta marinade. Yum!

We had an issue in my immediate neighborhood last Sunday. Jim and I saw a white van and a zippy, dark hotrod, stopping at my Neighbor to the East, Judy Bowman’s fenced and gated property. She was not home. Four adults gained entrance and proceeded to walk around her land.

I called retired CDF Captain Mike Dowd, who lives just South of us and was working outside. He walked over to Judy’s fence, with his black dog and made contact with one of the men. We walked down the property line we share with Judy and watched. Pretty soon, Mike went home with his dog so I called him. The guy wanted to move his Scout that’s been stored on Judy’s land for years, to his new place down the road. Mike said he would need Judy’s permission to allow that and nothing would be moved off until then. Furthermore, if the group did not immediately vacate the property, Mike would call the Sheriff. They complied promptly without further incident. Now that’s Neighborhood Watch at its best!

Our monthly Breakfast is happenin’ this morning from 8-11 and someone’s providing Bloody Mary’s!  Also, we desperately need a few more more Servers; any volunteers? Stay well!

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