Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #193

Our little Community held another fabulous Breakfast, last Saturday morning; serving Neighbors a most splendid start to their weekend. As always the food was scrumptious and we were offering a choice of orange or V-8 juice; or a Bloody Mary with the meal! Surprisingly, a notable number of Neighbors declined the alcohol; some even wore slightly disapproving expressions. However, most folks responded to our spirited offer with delighted smiles and lots of nodding! Mary Helen Tuttle and Patrick Whalen provided the Vodka and Teresa Sitz brought celery and limes; thanks Loves! So YumE and the Kitchen Crew and Servers certainly appreciate your kindness: Cheers!

It was great to see Ray Foyil at the Breakfast. Ray recently lost his beautiful and courageous Wife, Ila. Ray has been a Volunteer Extraordinaire in our Community and at the Center for decades; in all sorts of capacities. Ila was also a wonderful Volunteer and a familiar face at the Bingo nights and all the Events. For a number of years, Ila and I would switch off being Cashier at the first Saturday monthly Breakfasts, until she just couldn’t anymore. We know you’re in a better place, Ila; but we love you and really miss your pretty face and warm smile: bon voyage. We love you, Ray.

The Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting is happening this morning, Saturday; from 10am, at the Center; please feel welcome to join us.

Immediately following the Meeting; Jasmine Gutierrez from Pacific Clinics, will do a presentation on “Suicide Awareness”. This is a timely topic; just consider the late, great Robin Williams. Living in a remote area, as we do out here on our Mesa, is sometimes a lonely life; especially if we’ve lost friends and loved ones. Or, even if you are not thinking about ending your life, but you know someone who’s struggling; take positive action: join us for this important presentation. We are at 65-336 Winters Road in far North Joshua Tree: 4 miles east of Border Avenue and 5 miles west of Lear. For more information, please e-mail me: Stay well!

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