Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #200

Our little Copper Mountain Mesa Community was a beautiful home to wake up to on Thanksgiving Day. Clear, blue skies; bright, warm sunshine: yes Neighbors, we are indeed most fortunate to be allowed to live here. Walking with Abigail our golden, Desert Pup; I looked out over our Neighborhood: a hundred square miles, with cabins scattered here and there. I truly Love this remote Desert Mesa and I am Thankful I get to wake up here, amongst my Neighbors, every single day. I sincerely hope you all had a beautiful Day too; wherever your neck-o’-the-woods may be!

We’ve been graded! Coyote Valley Road, Sonora, Winters, Copper Moon, Presswood and others showed signs of scraping and brushing; or whatever it is they do. Sadly, the improvement barely lasted a day and a half on the Coyote Valley curve and hill. In all the 21 years I’ve lived up here, I’ve never seen the dirt roads so bad for so long. Our poor truck is just a joke at this point! If you hear Jim and I rattling along in town, in our white S-10, with an oak board across the top of the truckbed desperately trying to keep it together; wave! We’ve made it another day with our vehicle; yay! So many things to be thankful for out here on the Mesa!

This weekend is your last chance to see the Art Exhibition by the extraordinarily gifted Students of Copper Mountain College. The month-long Show at the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, closes at 5pm this Sunday, so please stop by to see us. I will be there from 1 o’clock, Sunday afternoon. I am certain the wide variety of Art displaying so many subjects and nuances, will delight you. The prices on most Art works are very reasonable and with the Holidays just around the corner, what great gifts they would make!

The Glass Outhouse in Wonder Valley hosts the Copper Mountain College Student Art Show.
Next Saturday, December 6th, we are holding our monthly First Saturday breakfast, from 8-11. We’ve been attracting more and more amazing Morongo Basin residents and we hope you will grace us with your presence too. Stay well!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #199

Our little Community is holding the monthly Potluck Party today; instead of the usual last Saturday of the month. While the theme for Potluck will be Thanksgiving, we are encouraged to bring food which has nothing to do with Turkey Day.

Beautiful sunrise over the Center. Come check it out!
Here’s wishing everyone a wholeheartedly wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We have so much to be thankful for, living here in our most splendiforous neck-o’-the-woods! May you enjoy unity, companionship and all that is loving this Thanksgiving. Big hugzzz!

There’s been a lot of complaining about the state of our dirt roads. Coyote Valley road is truly appalling where it goes up the hill and around the corner. I drive that way to College every weekday and my poor little truck is so battered from all the bumping, that the bed has literally ripped away from its moorings and is hanging on by tape and an oak board across the back! A Neighbor wrote a letter of complaint and here’s an excerpt of the answer received from the County:
“Due to the additional cost of storm repairs from the previous year and this year we had to suspend grading for the month of October in Copper Mountain due to insufficient  funds. The grading will resume on Nov. 24. Also we are reducing the monthly grading schedule from 32 hours to 24 hours in order to build  up a cash contingency for use in case of additional storm activity or other unforeseen events. 
The grading contractor has been instructed to concentrate on the primary roads at this time. I have forwarded your request to the grading contractor and he will make every effort to grade other roads if time permits.” 
It was also suggested that we post a speed limit of 25 mph, as this will supposedly cut down the wear and tear on the roads.

The amazing Wonder Valley Musicfest was held at The Palms last Saturday; hosted by Ben Vaughn. He also hosts “The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn” radio show every Sunday at 3pm on Z107.7 and plays truly superb songs. So tune in and stay well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Drive 25 mph and save the roads

ROAD LIST FOR R-19 (2014)

Winters, from Friendship to Sun Gold
Poleline, from Lear to Friendship
Friendship, from Poleline to Winters
Lear, all
Coyote Valley (Sunfair Hill), from La Brisa to Sonora
Sonora, from Coyote Valley to Mt Shadow
Mt Shadow, from Sonora to Telford
La Brisa, all
Moonlight Mesa, all
Telford, all                                                          
Olson, all

Shoshone Valley, all
Presswood, from Lear to Friendship
Winters, from Lear to Friendship
Kachina (Lynn), all
Applegate, all
Coyote Valley, from Sonora to Base Boundary
Old Chisolm, all
Coppermoon, all
Sonora, from Coyote Valley to Friendship
Cady, from Coyote Valley to Winters
Giant Rock, from Mt Nebo to Border
Mt Nebo, all



From John Bradford
Special Districts Department
Assistant Regional Manager
Phone: 909-387-5940 |  Fax: 909-387-5542

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #198

Our little Community held two important meetings last Saturday. At noon, outgoing President Kathy Quinn called the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting to order. We Pledged Allegiance to the Flag and the meeting commenced. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious Pizza lunch outside in the sunshine, under vivid blue skies.

At 2pm, the Annual General Membership Meeting was called to order. Three Board seats were up for grabs, so we had a chat about who would and who would not like to serve their Community. Kathy Quinn, Kip Fjeld and I were re-elected, with no nays; so the CMMCA Board is back in business! I volunteered to be Madam Prez for the year and led the meeting to its conclusion; although it took me a minute to remember how these things are supposed to be run. Earl Wilbert, who is one of our most elderly Elders, said he’d get us a copy of General Roberts’ “Roberts’ Rules of Order”, because we all needed a refresher course in how meetings are supposed to be conducted. Thank You, dear Earl; we love You and don’t know how we’d manage without you!

Earl Wilbert, Mary Helen Tuttle and Ray Foyil
On Monday, November 17th, we will be holding the USDA Food Give-away at the Community Center on Winters Road. Our Volunteer Crew chief Bill Treas, is in contact with Brandon: planning chief with the County, regarding the USDA food distribution. Chris van Nortrick is proving herself to be very organized, efficiently running the food give-away administration; while all the regular Volunteers show up like clockwork every third Monday of the month. Thanks for all you do, Neighbors!

The monthly Potluck Party will be held next Saturday, November 22nd; the weekend before Thanksgiving. While the theme will be about ‘Giving Thanks’, we are discouraged from bringing actual turkey stuff, seeing as we’ll all be royally stuffed on Thanksgiving Day! So, just bring your regular fare and favorites to the Potluck.

The Wonder Valley Music Fest is happening tonight at the Palms and yes, the Sibleys are playing; yay! CMC Students still showing at the Glass Outhouse Gallery this weekend. Stay well!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #197

Our little Community is holding our fiscal year-ending Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board Meeting today, Saturday November 8th. This begins at 12pm/noon: I gave the wrong times in last week’s Column. Afterwards, a light lunch will be served, giving Members plenty of time to enjoy a nice chat with their Neighbors! At 2pm, the Annual General Meeting will begin. The candidates for the three available Board Member seats will introduce themselves and the General Membership will cast their votes. These important meetings will take place at the CMM Community Center, 65-336 Winters Road; 4 miles East of Border Avenue; 5 miles West of Lear Avenue. I hope to see all Copper Mountain Mesa Members, Residents and Supporters later, yay!

Our monthly Breakfast last Saturday, was well-attended; with about 63 people served. Our Guests arrived at a nice, steady clip so we never felt too pressured. Also, the new Breakfast self-ordering system, created by Teresa Sitz, was introduced; proving to be a huge time-saver and immensely helpful, both  to the all-Volunteer Kitchen Crew and the Servers and our Guests were super-approving too. Another winning Sitz innovation we can all enjoy. Also, their amazing son Elliot helped us in the Kitchen, proving himself to be a quick learner and a great help!

The staff yucks it up: Kip Fjelt, Annelies Kuiper, Elliott Sitz and Patrick Whalen
Following the Brekkie, I drove East to Wonder Valley and the Glass Outhouse Gallery, where Art Students from our local Copper Mountain College, were exhibiting their exquisite creations, during the second weekend of the Art Tours. We held our reception from 1-5pm on Saturday and a really good crowd showed up. Everyone had wonderfully complimentary things to say about our Show and our Art will continue to be exhibited through the entire month of November. Students will be available to answer your questions on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm. All works are for sale, most at super-affordable prices; so please come see us and buy yourself something truly special. Love and many thanks again to Laurel and Frank from the amazing Glass Outhouse Gallery, on Highway 62, just east of Utah Trail, in Wonder Valley. Stay well!