Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #197

Our little Community is holding our fiscal year-ending Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board Meeting today, Saturday November 8th. This begins at 12pm/noon: I gave the wrong times in last week’s Column. Afterwards, a light lunch will be served, giving Members plenty of time to enjoy a nice chat with their Neighbors! At 2pm, the Annual General Meeting will begin. The candidates for the three available Board Member seats will introduce themselves and the General Membership will cast their votes. These important meetings will take place at the CMM Community Center, 65-336 Winters Road; 4 miles East of Border Avenue; 5 miles West of Lear Avenue. I hope to see all Copper Mountain Mesa Members, Residents and Supporters later, yay!

Our monthly Breakfast last Saturday, was well-attended; with about 63 people served. Our Guests arrived at a nice, steady clip so we never felt too pressured. Also, the new Breakfast self-ordering system, created by Teresa Sitz, was introduced; proving to be a huge time-saver and immensely helpful, both  to the all-Volunteer Kitchen Crew and the Servers and our Guests were super-approving too. Another winning Sitz innovation we can all enjoy. Also, their amazing son Elliot helped us in the Kitchen, proving himself to be a quick learner and a great help!

The staff yucks it up: Kip Fjelt, Annelies Kuiper, Elliott Sitz and Patrick Whalen
Following the Brekkie, I drove East to Wonder Valley and the Glass Outhouse Gallery, where Art Students from our local Copper Mountain College, were exhibiting their exquisite creations, during the second weekend of the Art Tours. We held our reception from 1-5pm on Saturday and a really good crowd showed up. Everyone had wonderfully complimentary things to say about our Show and our Art will continue to be exhibited through the entire month of November. Students will be available to answer your questions on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm. All works are for sale, most at super-affordable prices; so please come see us and buy yourself something truly special. Love and many thanks again to Laurel and Frank from the amazing Glass Outhouse Gallery, on Highway 62, just east of Utah Trail, in Wonder Valley. Stay well!

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