Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #198

Our little Community held two important meetings last Saturday. At noon, outgoing President Kathy Quinn called the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting to order. We Pledged Allegiance to the Flag and the meeting commenced. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious Pizza lunch outside in the sunshine, under vivid blue skies.

At 2pm, the Annual General Membership Meeting was called to order. Three Board seats were up for grabs, so we had a chat about who would and who would not like to serve their Community. Kathy Quinn, Kip Fjeld and I were re-elected, with no nays; so the CMMCA Board is back in business! I volunteered to be Madam Prez for the year and led the meeting to its conclusion; although it took me a minute to remember how these things are supposed to be run. Earl Wilbert, who is one of our most elderly Elders, said he’d get us a copy of General Roberts’ “Roberts’ Rules of Order”, because we all needed a refresher course in how meetings are supposed to be conducted. Thank You, dear Earl; we love You and don’t know how we’d manage without you!

Earl Wilbert, Mary Helen Tuttle and Ray Foyil
On Monday, November 17th, we will be holding the USDA Food Give-away at the Community Center on Winters Road. Our Volunteer Crew chief Bill Treas, is in contact with Brandon: planning chief with the County, regarding the USDA food distribution. Chris van Nortrick is proving herself to be very organized, efficiently running the food give-away administration; while all the regular Volunteers show up like clockwork every third Monday of the month. Thanks for all you do, Neighbors!

The monthly Potluck Party will be held next Saturday, November 22nd; the weekend before Thanksgiving. While the theme will be about ‘Giving Thanks’, we are discouraged from bringing actual turkey stuff, seeing as we’ll all be royally stuffed on Thanksgiving Day! So, just bring your regular fare and favorites to the Potluck.

The Wonder Valley Music Fest is happening tonight at the Palms and yes, the Sibleys are playing; yay! CMC Students still showing at the Glass Outhouse Gallery this weekend. Stay well!

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