Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #200

Our little Copper Mountain Mesa Community was a beautiful home to wake up to on Thanksgiving Day. Clear, blue skies; bright, warm sunshine: yes Neighbors, we are indeed most fortunate to be allowed to live here. Walking with Abigail our golden, Desert Pup; I looked out over our Neighborhood: a hundred square miles, with cabins scattered here and there. I truly Love this remote Desert Mesa and I am Thankful I get to wake up here, amongst my Neighbors, every single day. I sincerely hope you all had a beautiful Day too; wherever your neck-o’-the-woods may be!

We’ve been graded! Coyote Valley Road, Sonora, Winters, Copper Moon, Presswood and others showed signs of scraping and brushing; or whatever it is they do. Sadly, the improvement barely lasted a day and a half on the Coyote Valley curve and hill. In all the 21 years I’ve lived up here, I’ve never seen the dirt roads so bad for so long. Our poor truck is just a joke at this point! If you hear Jim and I rattling along in town, in our white S-10, with an oak board across the top of the truckbed desperately trying to keep it together; wave! We’ve made it another day with our vehicle; yay! So many things to be thankful for out here on the Mesa!

This weekend is your last chance to see the Art Exhibition by the extraordinarily gifted Students of Copper Mountain College. The month-long Show at the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, closes at 5pm this Sunday, so please stop by to see us. I will be there from 1 o’clock, Sunday afternoon. I am certain the wide variety of Art displaying so many subjects and nuances, will delight you. The prices on most Art works are very reasonable and with the Holidays just around the corner, what great gifts they would make!

The Glass Outhouse in Wonder Valley hosts the Copper Mountain College Student Art Show.
Next Saturday, December 6th, we are holding our monthly First Saturday breakfast, from 8-11. We’ve been attracting more and more amazing Morongo Basin residents and we hope you will grace us with your presence too. Stay well!

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