Friday, December 26, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #204

Our little Community enjoyed sunny skies, with a wee chill in the air this Christmas. Our week began with a Tiramisu, coffee and champagne party at the Sitz’s on Monday. On Tuesday, Jim and I made Beef Wellington to share with a few Mesa Neighbors who joined us for a Christmas Eve eve party. We rocked it: the Beef was magnificent: so tender and a perfect medium-rare!

On Wednesday, we visited with our foster Son, Cody and his wonderful Family. We ate Pizza and opened our prezzies, while catching up on the latest happenings in life. Our youngest grandson shrieked in delight when he opened his gift; while his big brother created sheets and sheets of beautiful pictures with his new Artists’ set. It was a lovely visit and we all agreed: we need to make the effort to see each other more often.

On the 25th, we delivered the first half of our Christmas gift to our very dear Friends: Roberta and her son, Billy; who live close by the Joshua Tree National Park entrance. At 8:15 on a horribly windy morning, we arrived to feed their horses and goats, as they were visiting Family out of town. Even though it was cold and blustery; it’s always a delight to hang out with the horses and the goats are so characterful. We drove the 43-mile return trip again, late Christmas afternoon, to complete the Gift!

I felt so thankful to be around the Horses: I love them so much. You know I am the “Kenya Cowgirl”! I sure miss Candy Apple Red, our beautiful Appaloosa mare, who died in 2005. Anyhooo; I hope you enjoyed a wonderfully festive week with Loved Ones and delicious Grub! Now, we’re off to the New Year at a hearty gallop, eh?

Just a reminder: the last Potluck Party of the year is happening this afternoon at the Community Center, from 4pm. Should be a good one; with delicious Christmas leftovers, methinks!

It’s been an amazing year for me; sincere thanks and love to you all. Tally Ho, stay well and Happy 2015!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #203

Our little Community held the monthly Board meeting at the Center last Saturday morning. We enjoyed an uneventful session and took care of business at hand. I rushed off to the Blakbox Theater in Joshua Tree immediately after the meeting, to join other Copper Mountain College Multimedia students backstage. All our equipment was already set up, because we spent hours the previous Thursday, making sure everything was working properly and ready to go.

We filmed the matinee Christmas performance on Saturday afternoon. The Joshua Tree Philharmonic Orchestra, affectionately known as JPHIL, expertly conducted by Jarrod Radnich, put on a wonderful performance and we got some really good footage. Part of the entertainment was the “live mix” we were able to project onto the screen behind the orchestra, showing live shots of the performers and of the audience themselves. At 7pm, we filmed the evening performance, which also went flawlessly. Not surprisingly, all the JPHIL Christmas performances were sold out. This was the second year that I was involved in the filming of the Christmas Show and I continue to be very impressed with JPHIL’s professionalism and standard of play. Jolly good show all of you!

[ Check the 2013 Christmas footage on YouTube. ]

The Fall 2014 semester at Copper Mountain College ended last Wednesday and School’s Out until January 12th 2015. We are so proud of our very own Community College and what a great holiday gift: send yourself or a loved one to College! We have a beautiful Campus, great Staff; fabulous Faculty and all sorts of programs to help you, including financial aid. Register for the Spring 2015 semester right now and I’ll see you at School next year!

Big show going on tonight, at The Palms Bar and Restaurant on Amboy road in downtown Wonder Valley. High Noon Whiskey and Friends will be performing for you and, of course, our all-time-favorites, The Sibleys, are playing too. Great food and drinks, with no cover charge: the Show starts at 8pm.

May you enjoy your Holidays, however you choose to celebrate! I wish you lots of love; warmth; full tummies and happy hearts this Season. Stay well!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hot Rocks, Bad Luck

Last Saturday High Desert Test Sites hosted an event at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. Ryan Thompson and Phil Orr, the authors of Bad Luck, Hot Rocks: Conscience Letters and Photographs from the Petrified Forest gave a slide show presentation to a packed house.

Believing a curse accompanies pieces of petrified wood purloined from the park, tourist return the rocks with letters of remorse, recounting the bad luck that has befallen them since making off with the rocks. The letter range from touching to tender to ridiculous, and afforded the authors the opportunity to shed light on different generations of conservation practices.

It was wonderful to see so many cars lined up outside the Center, and more than 50 people inside. Kudos to CMMCA board member Kip Fjelt for helping host this event and for the vision to reach out to High Desert Test Sites.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #202

Our little Community held another well-attended Breakfast, last Saturday December 6th. While Jay Babcock, Steve Tuttle, Ken Sitz and Kip Fjeld managed the prepping and cheffing; Daniel Gray did the dishes; Patrick Whalen and I ordered and served, whilst our beautiful Cashier, Teresa Sitz completed the team. The Thrift Room was hopping too and Susie Gardner, who runs the Room now, said her morning was very busy indeed!

Lavendar and a lovely butterfly, just outside the Center.
I left right after breakfast was over, because I had to go home and do a little fluffing and grooming on myself! Copper Mountain College put on a spectacular event over at the Ada Hatch Center. Over 140, 5”x7” canvas Art works were donated by well-known Artists, as well as Student Artists still finding their style. There were some totally awesome pieces. At 4:30pm the doors opened and the four of us who were assisting Patrons connect with their Art work of choice, watched wide-eyed as the Hordes descended upon us! The pace was fast and furious and about an hour later, most of the pieces had found a new home! The proceeds from this “49bucks Art Show” will provide Scholarships for serious-minded, hard-working, talented Art Students attending Copper Mountain College, our very own, amazing local College.

If you missed the Event, there’s still a chance to connect with your chosen Art piece. Call CMC at (760)366-3791 and talk to Professor Cathy Allen. She has the remaining works displayed in her office and you can set up an appointment with her to view them. You won’t be sorry; there are still some wonderful creations for sale; just 49bucks!

This morning at 10am, we are conducting our monthly Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board Meeting. Please join us; meetings are informative and entertaining.

Later, High Desert Test Sites are putting on an Event from 3-5pm at the Community Center. Check out all the information around this Event at: for all the info, regarding people who have stolen petrified wood from protected areas and experienced hideous bad luck, until they returned their “souvenirs”! Fascinating; Stay well!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #201

Our little Community Breakfast is going on this Saturday morning, December 6th, from 8-11am. The Community Center will be all warm and cozy, with the smells of a delicious Breakfast being cooked specially for you, wafting through the room! Our last Breakfast of the year; can you believe how fast 2014 has flown by? With the holidays just around the corner, now would be a marvelous time to pay a visit to our Thrift Room too! Loaded with goodies of all persuasions, it’s a magical place to shop. Please stop by; we can’t wait to see you.

A yummy community breakfast and thrift store shopping in the "Treasure Room"!
Another must-do Event this Saturday afternoon, is the 49 bucks Art Show, beginning at 4pm. Artists from all over the Morongo Basin donated more than 140 pieces of Art; proceeds from which will fund scholarships for Art Students at Copper Mountain College. Hors d’oeuvres will be served; there is a cash bar. Guests will be given half an hour to decide which masterpiece to purchase for 49 bucks; but the identity of the Artist will not be revealed until the item has been paid for. The Sales begin at 4:30pm. Please join us at the Ada Hatch Center, next to the Copper Mountain College on Rotary Way, in Joshua Tree. This is a really good Show; you won’t want to miss it and CMC Art Students are truly thankful for your patronage and generosity. Another great gift-buying opportunity too!

We received some much-needed rain this week. No flooding or electrical storms; just soft, misty moisture and incredibly low clouds. Our view of the Joshua Tree National Park was overcast for a few days, as the glorious smell of the saturated Desert permeated the air.

This Tuesday December 9th, we are holding our monthly PTSD Group at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center. We begin at 6pm and usually get done by 7:20-ish. I am finding it very beneficial and I know other Group participants are too. Starlyn Eckerman from Pacific Clinics facilitates the meetings: she is kind, patient, compassionate and does an all-around great job.

Hope to see you; stay well!