Friday, December 12, 2014

Hi-Desert Star Column #202

Our little Community held another well-attended Breakfast, last Saturday December 6th. While Jay Babcock, Steve Tuttle, Ken Sitz and Kip Fjeld managed the prepping and cheffing; Daniel Gray did the dishes; Patrick Whalen and I ordered and served, whilst our beautiful Cashier, Teresa Sitz completed the team. The Thrift Room was hopping too and Susie Gardner, who runs the Room now, said her morning was very busy indeed!

Lavendar and a lovely butterfly, just outside the Center.
I left right after breakfast was over, because I had to go home and do a little fluffing and grooming on myself! Copper Mountain College put on a spectacular event over at the Ada Hatch Center. Over 140, 5”x7” canvas Art works were donated by well-known Artists, as well as Student Artists still finding their style. There were some totally awesome pieces. At 4:30pm the doors opened and the four of us who were assisting Patrons connect with their Art work of choice, watched wide-eyed as the Hordes descended upon us! The pace was fast and furious and about an hour later, most of the pieces had found a new home! The proceeds from this “49bucks Art Show” will provide Scholarships for serious-minded, hard-working, talented Art Students attending Copper Mountain College, our very own, amazing local College.

If you missed the Event, there’s still a chance to connect with your chosen Art piece. Call CMC at (760)366-3791 and talk to Professor Cathy Allen. She has the remaining works displayed in her office and you can set up an appointment with her to view them. You won’t be sorry; there are still some wonderful creations for sale; just 49bucks!

This morning at 10am, we are conducting our monthly Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board Meeting. Please join us; meetings are informative and entertaining.

Later, High Desert Test Sites are putting on an Event from 3-5pm at the Community Center. Check out all the information around this Event at: for all the info, regarding people who have stolen petrified wood from protected areas and experienced hideous bad luck, until they returned their “souvenirs”! Fascinating; Stay well!

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