Friday, January 23, 2015

Clean out your cupboards!

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Every 3rd Saturday
between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. you may dispose of your household hazardous wastes at:

West of Solid Management Building
62499 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA

Get rid of it!
This service is for residents only. Proof of residency may be required.

Collection Facilities Will Accept Household Generated:
  • Motor Oil, Oil Filters
  • Auto & Household Batteries
  • Paints, Paint Products, Paint Thinner & Wood Preservatives
  • Cleaners, Gasoline, Antifreeze, Weed Killers
  • Pesticides & Fertilizers, Pool & Hobby Supplies
  • Auto & Furniture Polish, Chemical Drain Cleaners
  • Electronic Waste Collection available throughout San Bernardino County. Call 1-800-Oily Cat for nearest location. View E-Waste flyer here. 
  • Sharps/Needles in approved container
  • Outdated Medications, non-controlled substances, separate liquids & solids
  • Butane cans (I asked)
Collection Facilities Will Not Accept:
  • Business Wastes,
  • Wastes from Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Radioactives,
  • Explosives,
  • Medical Waste, or
  • Asbestos.
For more information, call 909. 382.5401

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #208

Our little Community has been enjoying absolutely glorious weather; which was much enjoyed by three-day week-enders during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. I must admit, I find the constant droning of their generators and the incessant revving and roaring of their engines absolutely exhausting. They have no idea how wonderfully quiet and peaceful it is out here when they’re not around.

Sunrise on the Copper Mountain Mesa, January 19, 2015
Our local Code Enforcement Officer Sherry Rotruck stopped by to bring us information on Off-road regulations. Folks are allowed to ride on their own property, which has to be at least 2.5 acres: the speed limit is 15 mph around camp. If they ride on the roads, they must be properly licensed and registered, with all the correct, valid documentation.  We had a particularly extensive “staging” or gathering, in our immediate vicinity last weekend; including several children riding around on their ATVs. Sherry told us, if the weekender gathering “disturbed our peace” in any way, we could call the Sheriff’s dispatch in Victorville. She also mentioned that these “stagings” may not exceed 6 days in every 30, before the gathering has to disperse. I do try to be accepting and I know we all love and enjoy the Desert in our own way, but Neighbors heaved a collective sigh of relief when the last RV, Bus, truck and trailer left the Mesa, heading back to the big city.

Laurel and Frank, over at the Glass Outhouse Gallery are inviting Wonder Valley Artists to gather around the Outhouse this Saturday, January 24th, from 1 pm. Laurel, who is so marvelously kind and generous to all us local Artists, is offering to show our work at the Gallery, during the Art Tours in October this year. A truly tremendous opportunity for those of us who’d like to show our Artwork, but can’t afford the fees. See you there this afternoon?

This is the 208th Copper Mountain Mesa column I've written: four years and almost 73,000 words! I truly appreciate you reading this Column and giving me the kindest feedback. Know that I love writing for you every week: stay well!


State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicular Recreation Laws / Safety

Community ORV Watch
Protecting Private and Public Lands From Off Road Vehicle Abuse

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Desert Oracle

Congratulations to our own Jay Babcock (of biscuits and gravy fame) for his article Homesteading in Joshua Tree featured in the first issue of the new quarterly Desert Oracle. A year's subscription is only $15 so sign up now!

Hi-Desert Star Column #207

Our little Community was busy last week, starting with the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a smooth and friendly gathering; in fact Earl Wilbert very kindly gave the Board kudos for a pleasant and efficient meeting: high praise indeed. Earl, who is one of our Senior Neighbors and longtime Board Member, presented us with a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order”, by General Henry M. Robert. The Board President is to run the CMMCA Board meetings as instructed in Robert’s book. When a newly elected President takes over, they are to be presented with Robert’s book by the outgoing official, so Board meetings will always be run properly. Earl: we love you!

The USDA Food Giveaway was last Monday morning; but our beloved Patrick Whalen was not there: his truck was down. So is ours; we are hobbling along because the passenger side shock absorber fell off and the lower control arm on the same side is twisted! We’re waiting for Daniel to help us straighten it out, but we’re in line behind Patrick! It’s a real crisis when vehicles go down out here and it often seems to happen in January.

USDA Food Distribution every month at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
I have been driving our truck to and from Copper Mountain College, knowing I’m probably not helping the front suspension! It’s lovely to be back in school. This is my fourth semester and I’m really starting to recognize a lot of friendly faces. I know several students in each of my classes and practically everyone in Art class! I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing, eager-to-learn, Desert Family.

By the way, we now have PayPal on our Copper Mountain Mesa Community website: visit and check it out.

You can fill out your membership form online and pay your dues at the convenient click of a button! Or, what if you’re feeling grateful, sharing and kind? You can donate right now, as much as you like, no problem! We are launching a much-needed “Roof Fund” for the Community Center and your generosity is sincerely appreciated. Stay well!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #206

Our little Community held another well-attended Breakfast at the Center last Saturday. The All-Volunteer Kitchen and Serving Crew were kept very busy indeed; as guests kept arriving in a steady stream. There were some differences of opinion going on about ‘Big Solar’ and folks were engaging in some serious discussions. All the while thoroughly enjoying their delicious Breakfast and drinking coffee by the quart! It is such a pleasure and honor to receive all these Neighbors as our Family every month. Some folks travel miles out of their way, just to join us for our monthly Breakfast. And all those Hugs: phew! Nothing can replicate the euphoria caused when Neighbors gather in joy and Community Spirit; solution-oriented, with hearts and ears wide open! Happy 2015 Copper Mountain Mesa; may this first Breakfast of the New Year give us an inkling of how wonderful our year is going to be.

The juke box, with its eclectic selection, ran for about an hour before giving up the ghost again.
If I seem enthusiastic and energetic this week: ‘tis true! Our beloved local Copper Mountain Community College starts Spring 2015 Semester this Monday, January 12th: Yay! I’m ready to get back to work; see what this semester brings in lessons learned and grades earned. I am very proud of my straight ‘A’s for Fall 2014 semester: a first for me, I’ll be honest! By the way, for various reasons, my student name is Anne Alice Thacker, for those of you who read this column and wonder if we’ve ever met at school! Doctor Anne Thacker: it has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Our monthly USDA Food Give-away falls on the second Monday this month, January 12th, as next Monday is Martin Luther King Day. This Event runs from 8:30 and only residents of Copper Mountain Mesa, with address specific ID and a utility bill are eligible. Bring a letter if you’re picking up for your Neighbor.

Hope you will join us today, January 10th, for our monthly Association Board meeting, at the Community Center; the fun starts at 10am. This Tuesday, January 13th, our monthly PTSD group is meeting from 6-7:15pm, at the Center. Stay well!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Tuesday Bingo

Well, I was lucky to be in the area last night to experience my first ever BINGO game. The doors opened at 6:00. It was a friendly group and Mary Helen (Board treasurer) loaned me a dauber so I haven't yet had to commit to buying one.

CMMCA Board Member and Bingo Evangelish Kip filling in his bingo cards.
$11 bought me all the cards for the night's games. It seemed a little overwhelming but Mary Helen explained how it worked and I had no problems. I won one game, along with another person so we split the pot and took home $1 each. The other table did much better with most of the wins. They had a whole bingo-sphere of good luck charms flanked by rows of daubers.

The "BINGO-sphere" and Mary Helen's banana bread and Joshua Treets ice cream.
The big pots went unclaimed though everyone was close to winning.

Before the last big game we broke for cake and ice cream. Mary Helen made banana bread and Joshua Treets donated the ice cream. At $1 it was a bargain. I had mango sherbet.
Board Member Patrick Whalen calling the number.
It was fun to see everyone, and Patrick (Board VP and First Saturday Breakfast waiter) did an excellent job reading the numbers.

- by Teresa Sitz

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #205

Our little Community was absolutely freezing on New Year’s Morning. We clocked 26 degrees fahrenheit, or minus 3 degrees Celsius, on our south-east facing porch at Sunrise. Bloody cold for Mojave Desert Communities: it rarely freezes that hard around here! Fortunately, Jim and I took precautions for this cold-snap: we covered all our tender trees and plants; mulching their roots in a foot of straw. We still lost several tomato plants, so we’ll be eating fried green tomatoes for the next few days!

Cady Road driving toward Winters
A warm spell is now in the forecast however; so by the time we see you at our Community Breakfast this morning, we will all be wearing shorts and sandals again! Please join us this first Saturday of 2015 and enjoy our utterly splendiforous monthly Breakfast, served from 8-11am, at our very own Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, on Winters Road in far North Joshua Tree. It’s a lovely scenic drive out here and our food is truly superb, with mega-bang for your buck. For just $5 you get an enormous breakfast, juice and coffee. Plus, you get to hang out and catch up with all your favorite Neighborhood Characters!

Our first Tuesday Night Bingo of the year is on January 6th; the party starts at 6pm. It’s always a lot of fun and the more the merrier, so come on down to the Center this Tuesday.

Just a wee mention about our USDA Food Giveaways for January and February: the third Mondays of both those months fall on public holidays. Consequently, the Food Giveaways will take place on the second Mondays: January 12th and February 9th.

Our monthly Community Association Board Meeting is next Saturday morning, from 10 o’clock. There’s always lots to talk about, as a general air of co-operation and jocularity fills the Center. We look forward to your participation, as we all help our Community grow and thrive.

Art Aficionados take note: Wonder Valley’s Glass Outhouse Gallery is showing the works of Jill Davis Reinig and Elizabeth Folk. Join the reception today, Saturday, January 3rd, from 1-5pm.
Happy New Year and stay well!