Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #205

Our little Community was absolutely freezing on New Year’s Morning. We clocked 26 degrees fahrenheit, or minus 3 degrees Celsius, on our south-east facing porch at Sunrise. Bloody cold for Mojave Desert Communities: it rarely freezes that hard around here! Fortunately, Jim and I took precautions for this cold-snap: we covered all our tender trees and plants; mulching their roots in a foot of straw. We still lost several tomato plants, so we’ll be eating fried green tomatoes for the next few days!

Cady Road driving toward Winters
A warm spell is now in the forecast however; so by the time we see you at our Community Breakfast this morning, we will all be wearing shorts and sandals again! Please join us this first Saturday of 2015 and enjoy our utterly splendiforous monthly Breakfast, served from 8-11am, at our very own Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, on Winters Road in far North Joshua Tree. It’s a lovely scenic drive out here and our food is truly superb, with mega-bang for your buck. For just $5 you get an enormous breakfast, juice and coffee. Plus, you get to hang out and catch up with all your favorite Neighborhood Characters!

Our first Tuesday Night Bingo of the year is on January 6th; the party starts at 6pm. It’s always a lot of fun and the more the merrier, so come on down to the Center this Tuesday.

Just a wee mention about our USDA Food Giveaways for January and February: the third Mondays of both those months fall on public holidays. Consequently, the Food Giveaways will take place on the second Mondays: January 12th and February 9th.

Our monthly Community Association Board Meeting is next Saturday morning, from 10 o’clock. There’s always lots to talk about, as a general air of co-operation and jocularity fills the Center. We look forward to your participation, as we all help our Community grow and thrive.

Art Aficionados take note: Wonder Valley’s Glass Outhouse Gallery is showing the works of Jill Davis Reinig and Elizabeth Folk. Join the reception today, Saturday, January 3rd, from 1-5pm.
Happy New Year and stay well!

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