Monday, January 12, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #206

Our little Community held another well-attended Breakfast at the Center last Saturday. The All-Volunteer Kitchen and Serving Crew were kept very busy indeed; as guests kept arriving in a steady stream. There were some differences of opinion going on about ‘Big Solar’ and folks were engaging in some serious discussions. All the while thoroughly enjoying their delicious Breakfast and drinking coffee by the quart! It is such a pleasure and honor to receive all these Neighbors as our Family every month. Some folks travel miles out of their way, just to join us for our monthly Breakfast. And all those Hugs: phew! Nothing can replicate the euphoria caused when Neighbors gather in joy and Community Spirit; solution-oriented, with hearts and ears wide open! Happy 2015 Copper Mountain Mesa; may this first Breakfast of the New Year give us an inkling of how wonderful our year is going to be.

The juke box, with its eclectic selection, ran for about an hour before giving up the ghost again.
If I seem enthusiastic and energetic this week: ‘tis true! Our beloved local Copper Mountain Community College starts Spring 2015 Semester this Monday, January 12th: Yay! I’m ready to get back to work; see what this semester brings in lessons learned and grades earned. I am very proud of my straight ‘A’s for Fall 2014 semester: a first for me, I’ll be honest! By the way, for various reasons, my student name is Anne Alice Thacker, for those of you who read this column and wonder if we’ve ever met at school! Doctor Anne Thacker: it has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Our monthly USDA Food Give-away falls on the second Monday this month, January 12th, as next Monday is Martin Luther King Day. This Event runs from 8:30 and only residents of Copper Mountain Mesa, with address specific ID and a utility bill are eligible. Bring a letter if you’re picking up for your Neighbor.

Hope you will join us today, January 10th, for our monthly Association Board meeting, at the Community Center; the fun starts at 10am. This Tuesday, January 13th, our monthly PTSD group is meeting from 6-7:15pm, at the Center. Stay well!

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