Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #207

Our little Community was busy last week, starting with the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a smooth and friendly gathering; in fact Earl Wilbert very kindly gave the Board kudos for a pleasant and efficient meeting: high praise indeed. Earl, who is one of our Senior Neighbors and longtime Board Member, presented us with a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order”, by General Henry M. Robert. The Board President is to run the CMMCA Board meetings as instructed in Robert’s book. When a newly elected President takes over, they are to be presented with Robert’s book by the outgoing official, so Board meetings will always be run properly. Earl: we love you!

The USDA Food Giveaway was last Monday morning; but our beloved Patrick Whalen was not there: his truck was down. So is ours; we are hobbling along because the passenger side shock absorber fell off and the lower control arm on the same side is twisted! We’re waiting for Daniel to help us straighten it out, but we’re in line behind Patrick! It’s a real crisis when vehicles go down out here and it often seems to happen in January.

USDA Food Distribution every month at Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
I have been driving our truck to and from Copper Mountain College, knowing I’m probably not helping the front suspension! It’s lovely to be back in school. This is my fourth semester and I’m really starting to recognize a lot of friendly faces. I know several students in each of my classes and practically everyone in Art class! I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing, eager-to-learn, Desert Family.

By the way, we now have PayPal on our Copper Mountain Mesa Community website: visit www.coppermountainmesa.org and check it out.

You can fill out your membership form online and pay your dues at the convenient click of a button! Or, what if you’re feeling grateful, sharing and kind? You can donate right now, as much as you like, no problem! We are launching a much-needed “Roof Fund” for the Community Center and your generosity is sincerely appreciated. Stay well!

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