Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #208

Our little Community has been enjoying absolutely glorious weather; which was much enjoyed by three-day week-enders during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. I must admit, I find the constant droning of their generators and the incessant revving and roaring of their engines absolutely exhausting. They have no idea how wonderfully quiet and peaceful it is out here when they’re not around.

Sunrise on the Copper Mountain Mesa, January 19, 2015
Our local Code Enforcement Officer Sherry Rotruck stopped by to bring us information on Off-road regulations. Folks are allowed to ride on their own property, which has to be at least 2.5 acres: the speed limit is 15 mph around camp. If they ride on the roads, they must be properly licensed and registered, with all the correct, valid documentation.  We had a particularly extensive “staging” or gathering, in our immediate vicinity last weekend; including several children riding around on their ATVs. Sherry told us, if the weekender gathering “disturbed our peace” in any way, we could call the Sheriff’s dispatch in Victorville. She also mentioned that these “stagings” may not exceed 6 days in every 30, before the gathering has to disperse. I do try to be accepting and I know we all love and enjoy the Desert in our own way, but Neighbors heaved a collective sigh of relief when the last RV, Bus, truck and trailer left the Mesa, heading back to the big city.

Laurel and Frank, over at the Glass Outhouse Gallery are inviting Wonder Valley Artists to gather around the Outhouse this Saturday, January 24th, from 1 pm. Laurel, who is so marvelously kind and generous to all us local Artists, is offering to show our work at the Gallery, during the Art Tours in October this year. A truly tremendous opportunity for those of us who’d like to show our Artwork, but can’t afford the fees. See you there this afternoon?

This is the 208th Copper Mountain Mesa column I've written: four years and almost 73,000 words! I truly appreciate you reading this Column and giving me the kindest feedback. Know that I love writing for you every week: stay well!


State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicular Recreation Laws / Safety

Community ORV Watch
Protecting Private and Public Lands From Off Road Vehicle Abuse

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