Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #213

Our little Community was drenched in chilly rains last week and Copper Mountain Mesa residents realized the Reptiles were right: Winter is not over yet! We’ve received a lot of rain recently: the Wildflowers will be magnificent this Spring! I must admit I am somewhat relieved Winter still retains a hold on us: I wasn’t looking forward to Summer’s heat just yet!

Another fabulous sunset at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center.
The first annual open house for the Copper Mountain College EMT and Health Science departments is happening today: Saturday February 28th. So, tootle on over to the beautiful Bell Center, located on the south-west portion of our magnificent Campus. Talk to Christi Blauwkamp and all the fabulous Faculty about your Health Science career dreams. Always wanted to be an EMT or is Nursing your path? Copper Mountain College is the place for you! Our Faculty and Staff really like their jobs and they sincerely love our local College and Students. I know from first-hand experience: I’m a full-time Student at CMC; half way through my fourth Semester and I am receiving a well presented, superbly taught, genuinely encouraged and supported; all-around great education. So, join us today from 9am to 3pm: refreshments will be served; hope to see you there.

Copper Mountain Mesa is the breathtakingly lovely area north of the college. It is a remote Neighborhood and we like it that way; cabins are spread far apart; privacy is respected. We are populated by generous, hard-working people; most of us have known hard times one way or another. So it gives me great joy to report that our very own Copperettes Community Assistance fund (formerly the Copperettes Christmas Basket) recently gave away $150 in Stater Brothers’ gift cards to needy Mesa Families. This money was donated to the fund by various Community Association members; most notably Sandra Foyil in memory of her Grandpa Tex Foyil. Board Members personally delivered these gifts, which were very much appreciated. Good job Neighbors!

Our monthly Potluck Party is today from 4pm, at the Community Center on Winters Road. Valentine’s surprises will be featured, as Neighbors joyfully share culinary surprises: stay well!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #212

Our little Community continues to bask in this ridiculously wonderful Winter weather we’ve been having. Bright blue skies; daytime temperatures of 80+degrees and lovely cool evenings. Much as we enjoy this extraordinary weather: as Desert Rats we are only too keenly aware of what awaits us just around the corner. If Winter ends early, Summer begins even earlier and at this rate, we shall be sweltering in 100+degrees before too very long! Spring and Fall aren’t really represented in the High Desert; at least not for more than a few weeks, if we’re really lucky! It seems we only have two seasons around here: Hot and Cold! I’ve already pulled my summer clothes out, but I’m keeping my long johns handy in case Winter returns: you just never know around here.

Nature feels the end of Winter too. Birds are courting everywhere and a pair of Mourning Doves have nested on one of the beams on our porch. They’re right overhead as we stand at the gate; we could easily pet them! The Mama Dove croons to her eggs, as she sits patiently day after day: it’s so sweet to hear her. Papa Dove is much more anxious and hovers close by; not nearly as trusting as she is. We also have large flocks of both Mourning and Turtle Doves; as well as bearded Sparrows and House Finches. Gambel’s Quail are returning; we hope very much to see their tiny fluffball chicks darting hither and thither before too long. Hummingbirds zoom around as our aloes and desert bird of paradise break into blossom. However, so far no snakes, lizards or tortoises: maybe they’re biding their time, because they know something we don’t!

We held our monthly Board meeting at the Community Center last Saturday morning. One of the neighbors has been dragging a road to his house, straight across the Community Association property, with nary a by your leave! So, Steve Tuttle, Patrick Whalen and Kip Fjeld blocked the entrances created by this illegal road and put up a big sign!

Thanks Dudes: we appreciate you. Stay well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #211

Our little Community has been bathing in this glorious weather we’re having. I feel so sorry for all you Neighbors living in colder climes; wish we could send you some sand and warm sunshine!

Turnout for our monthly Breakfast was terrific last Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I had overtaxed myself the previous week - stressing out about my Biology midterm - and felt too ghastly to serve at our Breakfast. However, everyone pulled together and did a marvelous job, thank you so much!

The previous week, on the last Saturday of January, the Potluckers gathered with delicious dishes to share. Chicken and dumplings with honey glazed carrots and upside down cake; broccoli corn bread; fruit trays, Vegetable lo mein and secret chili casserole; along with Tamale pie and key lime pie, pea salad and cherry kool aid pie. Yvonne Francis brought her chicken noodles with cranberry sauce; there were chips and Charles Lange gave $. Event Organizer, Mary Koval said: “It was a great turnout, with lots of good conversations. There will be Valentine surprises at the Saturday February 28th Potluck.” Thanks Mary!

The Artists’ reception at the Copper Mountain College “Invention, Reinvention” Art show is today: February 14th, at the Ada Hatch Center on Rotary Way, by the College. The Party starts at 6pm; three winning Artists will be awarded prize money and will talk to us about their Artwork, style etc. There’s some wonderful Art to be seen, most of the pieces are available for purchase. Hope to see you there.

The Copper Mountain College First Annual Health Sciences/Nursing Program Open House will be held on Saturday February 28th from 9am to 3pm, at the CMC Bell Center. Registered Nursing Program Director Christi Blauwkamp and Vocational Nursing Co-ordinator, Kathleen Wahl organised this Open House to promote our Health Sciences and Nursing Program. Surprisingly, many local residents are unaware of our outstanding Community College, just off Highway 62 on Rotary Way in Joshua Tree. For information call 760-366-3791 x5801. Join us for this Open House, familiarize yourself with our gorgeous campus and bring all your friends and Neighbors; stay well!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #210

Our little Community is so relieved to hear that our Senior Tough Cookie, Ruth Tuttle, is on the mend from her valiant battle against the Flu! Such happy news, Ruth; we hope to welcome you to our monthly Breakfast this Saturday, February 7th, so we can shower you with hugs and spoil you rotten.

That goes for all of you out there! Please join us for Breakfast this morning from 8-11, at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, so we can spoil you rotten too! Visit our website at for more information on all our monthly Events.

Last Tuesday evening, we held our monthly Bingo party at the Center. Mary Helen Tuttle and Barb Beneville ran the show, while Patrick Whalen called the numbers in his gorgeous radio voice. Dyan Carroll brought a delicious Peach Cobbler and a fun time was enjoyed by all. We thank all the Organizers and Players for your persistence and resilience in keeping the doors open on the first Tuesday of every month: Bingo!

A proper "bingosphere" is key to winning.
Our USDA Food Giveaway is happening from 8:30 am this Monday, February 9th: on the second Monday of the month, because the third Monday of February falls on Presidents Day. Of course, our super-duper Thrift Room will be open for your shopping enjoyment, thanks to the efficiency and expertise of our very lovely Susie Gardner!

Our monthly PTSD Group will get together this Tuesday, February 10th, from 6pm at the Community Center. Starlyn Eckerman, from Pacific Clinics in Yucca Valley, is our Facilitator and she does a wonderful job. This month, we will be sharing ways to stay calm and grounded, even on those difficult, anxiety-ridden days.

The Copper Mountain College Community Invitational Art Show: “Invention - Reinvention”, will run from February 5th - 28th, at the Ada Hatch Center, next to the College on Rotary Way. An Artists’ Reception will be held on Saturday February 14th , from 6-9 pm and three Honorable Invention Awards will be given out by CMC Art Student Judges. For more information, please call Professor Cathy Allen, at 760-366-3791 ext 0600. Stay well!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Looking toward the base

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Saturday was cool and lovely with a beautiful display of clouds that shifted throughout the day. I believe that might be "Goat Mountain" in the near distance. It sits to the left of the Marines container village.

Hi-Desert Star Column #209

Our little Community is still saturated from the lovely rain we received last week. It’s so unusual to wake up to the sound of rain on the roof, but it happened on two mornings last week. Most noticeably last Monday and Tuesday, we had a steady rain thing going on. Never enough to cause wash floodings or massive puddling, but definitely enough to wet the ground through and through: no dust today, yay! I just keep thinking of the amazing wildflower display we’re getting ready to witness after all this rain. As soon as the Desert decides Spring has Sprung, look out: we’re in for a blaze of glorious colors!

Last Tuesday morning dawned under a fog denser than I’ve ever seen up here on Copper Mountain Mesa. We were completely socked in, with less than 75 feet of visibility. All of us were utterly discombobulated, even the Ravens! For the last 22 years, I have witnessed a huge flock of Ravens fly overhead at Sunrise heading West, only to return at Sunset heading East. Well, on this particular Foggy morning, even the Ravens were fogged in. Scores of them simply landed on the Neighbor’s fence, cawing and rumbling communicatively, huddled together, just waiting until the Big Fog of 2015 finally lifted. When visibility cleared substantially, all the Ravens took off and flew in formation, cawing enthusiastically, until they disappeared into the western skies. Absolutely amazing.

Mesa Neighbors are being hit hard by this latest round of the ‘flu, with several reports of folks being bedridden for 7-10 days. One particularly worrying case, is our dearly beloved uber-senior Neighbor, Ruth Tuttle. We all love You, Ruthie and we’re sending you good health and extra strong-immunity, along with some good ol’ Neighborhood tough-cookieness!

Ruth Tuttle celebrates her birthday at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, last year.
The Potluck Party is later today, from 4pm. It’s the first Potluck of the New Year and I’m sure there’ll be some splendid vittles for us all to enjoy! Mary Koval and her daughter, Chris van Nortrick have been doing such a wonderful service for our Community by running this last Saturday of every month event. Stay well!