Monday, February 2, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #209

Our little Community is still saturated from the lovely rain we received last week. It’s so unusual to wake up to the sound of rain on the roof, but it happened on two mornings last week. Most noticeably last Monday and Tuesday, we had a steady rain thing going on. Never enough to cause wash floodings or massive puddling, but definitely enough to wet the ground through and through: no dust today, yay! I just keep thinking of the amazing wildflower display we’re getting ready to witness after all this rain. As soon as the Desert decides Spring has Sprung, look out: we’re in for a blaze of glorious colors!

Last Tuesday morning dawned under a fog denser than I’ve ever seen up here on Copper Mountain Mesa. We were completely socked in, with less than 75 feet of visibility. All of us were utterly discombobulated, even the Ravens! For the last 22 years, I have witnessed a huge flock of Ravens fly overhead at Sunrise heading West, only to return at Sunset heading East. Well, on this particular Foggy morning, even the Ravens were fogged in. Scores of them simply landed on the Neighbor’s fence, cawing and rumbling communicatively, huddled together, just waiting until the Big Fog of 2015 finally lifted. When visibility cleared substantially, all the Ravens took off and flew in formation, cawing enthusiastically, until they disappeared into the western skies. Absolutely amazing.

Mesa Neighbors are being hit hard by this latest round of the ‘flu, with several reports of folks being bedridden for 7-10 days. One particularly worrying case, is our dearly beloved uber-senior Neighbor, Ruth Tuttle. We all love You, Ruthie and we’re sending you good health and extra strong-immunity, along with some good ol’ Neighborhood tough-cookieness!

Ruth Tuttle celebrates her birthday at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, last year.
The Potluck Party is later today, from 4pm. It’s the first Potluck of the New Year and I’m sure there’ll be some splendid vittles for us all to enjoy! Mary Koval and her daughter, Chris van Nortrick have been doing such a wonderful service for our Community by running this last Saturday of every month event. Stay well!

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