Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #212

Our little Community continues to bask in this ridiculously wonderful Winter weather we’ve been having. Bright blue skies; daytime temperatures of 80+degrees and lovely cool evenings. Much as we enjoy this extraordinary weather: as Desert Rats we are only too keenly aware of what awaits us just around the corner. If Winter ends early, Summer begins even earlier and at this rate, we shall be sweltering in 100+degrees before too very long! Spring and Fall aren’t really represented in the High Desert; at least not for more than a few weeks, if we’re really lucky! It seems we only have two seasons around here: Hot and Cold! I’ve already pulled my summer clothes out, but I’m keeping my long johns handy in case Winter returns: you just never know around here.

Nature feels the end of Winter too. Birds are courting everywhere and a pair of Mourning Doves have nested on one of the beams on our porch. They’re right overhead as we stand at the gate; we could easily pet them! The Mama Dove croons to her eggs, as she sits patiently day after day: it’s so sweet to hear her. Papa Dove is much more anxious and hovers close by; not nearly as trusting as she is. We also have large flocks of both Mourning and Turtle Doves; as well as bearded Sparrows and House Finches. Gambel’s Quail are returning; we hope very much to see their tiny fluffball chicks darting hither and thither before too long. Hummingbirds zoom around as our aloes and desert bird of paradise break into blossom. However, so far no snakes, lizards or tortoises: maybe they’re biding their time, because they know something we don’t!

We held our monthly Board meeting at the Community Center last Saturday morning. One of the neighbors has been dragging a road to his house, straight across the Community Association property, with nary a by your leave! So, Steve Tuttle, Patrick Whalen and Kip Fjeld blocked the entrances created by this illegal road and put up a big sign!

Thanks Dudes: we appreciate you. Stay well!

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