Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #213

Our little Community was drenched in chilly rains last week and Copper Mountain Mesa residents realized the Reptiles were right: Winter is not over yet! We’ve received a lot of rain recently: the Wildflowers will be magnificent this Spring! I must admit I am somewhat relieved Winter still retains a hold on us: I wasn’t looking forward to Summer’s heat just yet!

Another fabulous sunset at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center.
The first annual open house for the Copper Mountain College EMT and Health Science departments is happening today: Saturday February 28th. So, tootle on over to the beautiful Bell Center, located on the south-west portion of our magnificent Campus. Talk to Christi Blauwkamp and all the fabulous Faculty about your Health Science career dreams. Always wanted to be an EMT or is Nursing your path? Copper Mountain College is the place for you! Our Faculty and Staff really like their jobs and they sincerely love our local College and Students. I know from first-hand experience: I’m a full-time Student at CMC; half way through my fourth Semester and I am receiving a well presented, superbly taught, genuinely encouraged and supported; all-around great education. So, join us today from 9am to 3pm: refreshments will be served; hope to see you there.

Copper Mountain Mesa is the breathtakingly lovely area north of the college. It is a remote Neighborhood and we like it that way; cabins are spread far apart; privacy is respected. We are populated by generous, hard-working people; most of us have known hard times one way or another. So it gives me great joy to report that our very own Copperettes Community Assistance fund (formerly the Copperettes Christmas Basket) recently gave away $150 in Stater Brothers’ gift cards to needy Mesa Families. This money was donated to the fund by various Community Association members; most notably Sandra Foyil in memory of her Grandpa Tex Foyil. Board Members personally delivered these gifts, which were very much appreciated. Good job Neighbors!

Our monthly Potluck Party is today from 4pm, at the Community Center on Winters Road. Valentine’s surprises will be featured, as Neighbors joyfully share culinary surprises: stay well!

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