Friday, March 27, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #217

Our little Community has been sweltering the last few days and the wildflowers are loving it!

Dandelions in bloom on Winters Road at Border, March 2015.
Carpets of yellow and mallow orange along the road and in the washes, soon to be followed by all the other colors of the blooming Desert. It’s a beautiful time of the year to visit Joshua Tree National Park and the flowers are just glorious. Watch out for snakes; they’re going to be out in abundance after all the rain we’ve enjoyed. Lots of flowers and seeds bring oodles of rodents and sssnakes! I must admit, even after all my decades of Desert living - as much as I love and value them - I still startle when I see a snake.

You may run into some wild and crazy Copper Mountain College students while you’re out and about this week. We are on Spring Break and we’re ready for some fun in the sun. It’s been a tough semester for most of us; we’ve just survived midterms and last minute papers due, so we’ve earned a little R&R, methinks!

I would love to spend my week partying like a college student, but I have a wee cataract surgery planned for Monday! Everyone tells me it’s a piece of cake and I’m going to be amazed at the results. Well, I hope so because I must admit that the thought of having someone poking around in my eye with a series of sharp instruments, freaks me out just a teensy-weensy!

The monthly Potluck Party is happening today, March 28th, from 4pm. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris are planning a St. Patrick’s Day theme, so come one come all: green beer anyone?

Our fabulous Thrift Room is always open during our Events, so you can plan a lovely shopping trip around your Potluck Supper. Susie Gardner does such a wonderful job in the Thrift Room. She’s got everything clean and organized, with lots of great clothing, kitchen items, books: I could go on and on! She also has 3 cases of adult diaper-briefs, in size Large, at a real bargain price. Stay well!

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