Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Hi-Desert Star Column #220

Our little Community is  overflowing with babies right now, as Spring brings warm days. We have numerous “apartment dwellers” on our porch. Sparrows that sleep between the beams and rafters of the roof. They’ve been there for years; probably not the same birds, but none of the “apartments” are ever vacant. We also have different pairs of nesting birds; some in official bird boxes, others in their own constructed nests. A pair of Mourning Doves already successfully hatched one set of babies, with two more babies ready to fly out soon. Lots of Sparrows were almost ready to wave their fledglings off as well and there was quite simply a whole lot of excellent parenting going on.

Well, it is officially Snake-season. Snake tracks everywhere, including Sidewinders: they are out in force and they are hungry! Last Sunday was a particularly warm day and within the space of about an hour, not one but two Gopher snakes had plucked a lovely meal out of our birds nests. A smallish snake, about three and a half feet long, got one of the baby doves. Then, one of the largest Gopher snakes we’ve ever seen, got a baby sparrow. The smaller reptile, holed up in a bookcase for a few days, to digest his enormous meal, until Jim picked him up and released him in a tree. The bigger reptile was back two days later, trying to get inside the house. Phaw! I knew we were in for a “Snakey” Summer, but this is ridiculous. I watched in horror, as the huge snake, which was at least 6 feet long and as big around as my forearm, tried to force its way inside, through my bedroom window. I couldn’t believe how agile it was; how high and effortlessly it climbed. Anyway, it gave up finally and by the time Jim came home, the snake was nowhere to be seen: very disconcerting!

Our monthly USDA Food Give-away is Monday, April 20 from 8:30am. Next Saturday is the Potluck Party; your Hostesses Mary and Chris, picked “Spring” as the theme. Stay well!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #219

Our little Community has been really unpredictable this week; well, when it comes to the temperatures outside anyway! The week before, when Jim and I drove down to Indio for my eye surgery, the temps were sweltering at 100 degrees. We even had one of the local Gopher snakes come to visit us on the porch, on his way to raiding the sparrows nest! The birds were making such a ruckus that we went to investigate and sure enough, there was Mr. Gopher snake, all wrapped around the post, ready to enter the bird’s nest for some scrumptious just hatched chicks for supper. Jim took pity on the birds and removed the snake gently. He was about five feet long and seemed unperturbed when we held him for a while, before releasing him in the north field. Two days later he was back by the porch, sunning himself quietly: just a super-calm dude waiting for his meal!

So sunny and warm that grass is growing under our feet.
Suddenly, shrieking winds brought Arctic temperatures howling across the Desert and it’s freezing cold again. We’re back in pants and sweaters, while Mr. Gopher snake has probably retreated underground! That old Brownie saying: “Be prepared” certainly holds merit up here in the high Desert. We’ve had a fire the last three mornings, just to warm up the cabin so I can take a shower before school! No doubt, next week, our little cooler will be running as sweltering temps return.

We held our monthly Breakfast last week and enjoyed a rockin’ good turnout! I didn’t have to wear my Server’s hat and dash around madly keeping the orders churning. No; I got to sit with my friends and have a lovely breakfast at my leisure; I was under strict doctor’s orders not to exert myself and I gladly obeyed!

Gardening time is here and Jim has been working the soil in readiness for our Spring crops. He uses the Farmers Almanac calendar and gardens by the moon. It’s amazing how that little rock, hurtling through space 200,000 miles away regulates the Earth’s ocean tides as well as best gardening times: stay well!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #218

Our little Community’s first Saturday of the month Breakfast is in full swing this morning, as Neighbors from all over Copper Mountain Mesa and beyond, gather for a delicious Brekkie and a jolly good chinwag! The food is especially good, because Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle go the extra mile for their Community, by getting the sausage, bacon and other supplies from Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen over at Copper Mountain College. We may or may not have an Egg coloring party, depending on how many hard-boiled eggs we can hustle up. Come one, come all and bring eggs!

My cataract surgery last Monday went well and although I wouldn’t say it was “a piece of cake”, it wasn’t nearly as bad as my most fearful imaginings! I would say the worst of it is being in-between surgeries. With much better vision in my newly improved left eye, the lens in my glasses blurs my vision in that eye. However, my right eye still needs the lens in my glasses in order to see. So, the ever-practical Jim Martin, snipped the plastic holding in the left lens thereby removing it and hey presto I can see: sort of! I feel a tad unbalanced and any light is very bright; but that will get better over the while. A big Thank You to Doctor Schultz and Debbie in the Schultz Eye Clinic in Yucca Valley: you guys are awesome, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Tonight, Saturday April 4th 2015, from 6pm: it’s another Wonder Valley Music Festival at The Palms Bar and Restaurant, 83-131 Amboy Road, in beautiful, downtown Wonder Valley.

This show features: The Sibleys; Hunter and the Wick’d; Ben Vaughn Ensemble; French Vanilla; Gwendolyn; Donna Bummer; Arroyo Rogers and others.  Last Semester, I had the privilege of interviewing this Event’s founder and host, Mr Ben Vaughn. A New Jersey transplant and heartfelt Desert lover, Ben is a humble, humorous and intelligent man; a world-class musician, songwriter, performer, radio host and a totally cool dude! Come on down for this great entertainment; no admission charge and free camping. Stay well!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Breakfast - This Saturday, April 4!

Don't miss it - $5. 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Bring an extra $10 and renew your membership. Let's keep the doors of our community center open!