Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #225

Our little Community was honored to welcome an amazing group of International Art Students to our Center last week. Local artist, Andrea Zittel, has been bringing different groups of Students to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center since 2013. This year, we welcomed students from Universities in New York; Tel Aviv, Israel; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden and Dublin, Ireland: indeed an international group!

Patrick Whalen and I welcomed everyone to the Center as they arrived in three vehicles. Inside, we went around the group and everyone introduced themselves and gave some general info. Patrick and I shared a little history about Copper Mountain Mesa and how our forefathers and mothers built this Center with government grants and their own blood, sweat and tears. A board full of photos showed the groundbreaking and step-by-step construction of the Firehouse and Community Center buildings. We told a few stories about our hair-raising adventures on the Mesa and shared affectionate anecdotes about some of our more colorful Neighbors.

Afterwards, the Students visited our fabulous Treasure Room and managed to sniff out some totally super-duper deals. We left Patrick to lock up, as I led the vehicle procession to my humble home, where Jim awaited us. We sat in a big circle in the house and I shared how I moved to the Mesa in 1993, with my then five-year-old son Erick. I chopped wood, hauled water and learned how to live in this beautiful, yet hostile environment. Two years later, Jim literally walked up to my door; way out here in the middle of nowhere: talk about synchronicity and meant-to-be! We’ve been together ever since. We raised Erick and fostered two teenagers; as well as feeding and/or rescuing a multitude of neighborhood children, animals, reptiles and birds! These days, we welcome groups of international students to our humble cabin on our remote Desert Mesa. Everyone marvels at our lifestyle and how happy we seem to be! Who would have ever thunk that Jim and I would come to represent nostalgic Desert Americana?

Spring 2015 semester at Copper Mountain College is over: stay well! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Movie Night Returns - May 16, 2015!


Saturday, May 16, 2014, 7:00 P.M.
65336 Winters Rd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Donations: Adults $3.00 Children 75¢
Everyone is welcome.

Bring a chair for outdoor viewing as weather permits, otherwise we’ll set up in the Center.

Snacks available for a modest fee, including some of Mary Helen's delicious homemade baked goods, and Ken's kosher hot dogs (vegan available, too)!

All proceeds benefit the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association.

IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, 1953, 81 minutes
An alien craft crashes in the Arizona desert. Only an amateur stargazer and a school teacher suspect alien influence when the local townsfolk begin to act strange.

Starring: Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, Charles Drake, and Kathleen Hughes.
Directed by: Jack Arnold

USDA Food Distribution, 5/18, 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Potluck,5/23, 4:00 p.m.
PTSD Group, 5/26 and 6/9, 6:00 p.m.
First Tuesday Bingo, 6/2, 6:00-9:00 p.m.
1st Saturday Breakfast, 6/6, 8:00-11:00 a.m.
Board Meeting, 6/13, 10:00 a.m.
The Thrift Store is open during these events.

Hi-Desert Star Column #224

Patrick Whalen (right), professional waiter!
Our little Community sends warm congratulations to our very own Patrick Whalen. He is quite simply the most splendid Neighbor you could ever wish for. Patrick has been associated with Copper Mountain Mesa for longer than he would like me to tell you! His dearly departed mother, Kay began bringing her children out here in the sixties. She is kindly remembered by all who knew her, as a warm, Neighborly, patriotic woman of the sandy frontier. She is one of our Elders and helped create this amazing high desert community and center. Patrick is cut from the same cloth and carries forth her amazing genes, gracing us with his neighborly kindness. Once again, Patrick has gone above and beyond for his Community. As a CERT (certified emergency response technician), Patrick jumped through the necessary hoops in order to obtain an Emergency Medical Kit for our Community Center. Your Neighbors thank and love you very much Patrick!

Tonight, we are holding our first “Movie under the Stars” of the year, which is: “It came from outer space”. Teresa and Ken Sitz, with Kip Fjeld host this monthly summer event and Neighbors are excited! Please join us around sunset tonight: there will be hot and not dogs, popcorn, sodas and other yummies available; please bring chairs and all your friends!

Next Saturday May 23, Neighbors are gathering at the Wonder Valley Community Center at 11am. We are being given the latest scoop on the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to open up more public lands to off-highway vehicles. There’s a lot of BLM land on the Mesa; giving us the feeling of thousands of acres of unspoiled, unprocessed land stretching all the way to the marine base fence. What if BLM decided to open that up to staged gatherings of people, trailers, noise, dust, smoke, city manners…? I think we should talk about this Neighbors and next Saturday is our opportunity to do so. Hope to see you there.

OHV damage on the Copper Mountain Mesa
Get out the vote on Measure X Yucca Valley: let your voice be heard; stand up for what you believe in; stay well!

Hi-Desert Star Column #223

Our little Community was all a-slither last week! I haven’t seen so many snakes in such a short space of time in my entire 22 years up here on Copper Mountain Mesa. Our foster son Cody was up to help us with our annual Spring cleaning and in about 2 hours, we had four distinctly different Gopher snakes glide across the porch. Cody kept taking photos and sending them to his lovely wife Margaret. “Stop it,” I ordered him. “If you keep sending her those photos of snakes we’ll never get her to visit us again and she won’t let you bring the Grandbabies over either!”

JT Neighbor Roberta came over with her son Billy and we all just sat on the porch, drinkin’ a brewski and watching the Gopher snake show. These non-poisonous constrictors are amazing climbers and, of course, they were after the bearded sparrows who sleep in our porch eaves every night. Rarely, we turn on our porch light after dark and we can see their little sparrow eyes and beaks all smushed together trying to keep the light out. We call them our apartment dwellers and they’ve been there for years. Well, this year, judging by the hungry determination of our resident Gopher snakes, sparrow may be a delicacy on the snake menu.

A few days ago, I received this disturbing e-mail: “David Warren Goodknife here.  I am the Sweat Lodge Keeper and facilitator at JTRC (JT Retreat Center on 62). This past Monday my home away from home was reported  stolen, from our ceremonial grounds."

This makes me very sad. Here’s a humble man; blessing us all with his presence in our sacred Desert and someone rips off his Airstream? I mean, come on Neighbors. Thanks for reaching out David: I’m sincerely hoping your Airstream trailer home has been returned by now.

“Movie under the Stars” is starting up again at the Copper Mountain Community Center, next Saturday, May 16th starting around Sundown. Ken and Teresa Sitz; along with Kip Fjeld present, produce and host this entertaining Neighborly event. Join us; it’s fun; stay well!

Hi-Desert Star Column #222

Our little Community received a very welcome gift from the Joshua Tree Rotary folks last week. An $800 check was presented to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association, to help us be of service on the Mesa. On behalf of our beautiful Mesa community, I attended the Rotary breakfast and gratefully accepted this most generous gift. I also got to enjoy a yummelicious breakfast at Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen on Copper Mountain College Campus. Our very own Association Treasurer, Mary Helen Tuttle was there too, wearing her Madame JT Rotary President hat. I also recognized Professor Ed Will, whose “History of Rock and Roll” class I took at the College last Fall semester. All in all, it was a most pleasant event; many thanks for inviting me to attend this uplifting occasion.

Speaking of Breakfast, our First Saturday breakfast event is happening this morning, from 8-11am. All your favorite Volunteers will be there to cook and serve your extra special Breakfast. If you have not renewed your membership with the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association lately, forms are available at the door, for your convenience. The fee is $10 annually, per person. We hope you will join us and come over for Brekkie too!

As always, the Thrift Room will be open for your shopping convenience. Suzie Gardner does a wonderful job keeping all the items displayed attractively. We have been receiving lots of great clothing donations, so if your wardrobe is missing awesome trousers or that special blouse, pay us a visit, you’ll be glad you did. We also have several items for adult homecare, including 7 packs of adult briefs in size large; as well as commodes, walkers and other useful stuff.

Next Saturday, we will be holding our monthly Association Board meeting, from 10am, at the Community Center on Winters Road. Neighbors are encouraged to attend and participate in these informative meetings. More people have been attending regularly, as we take care of all the neighborhood business and usually enjoy a good giggle as well.

Only two and a half weeks left in this Spring semester: stay well!

Hi-Desert Star Column #221

Our little Community was a wonderful haven to come home to last weekend. I was in Las Vegas, driving a wee rental car, attending a 3-day Global Training Conference at the MGM Grande. Yes, little Me: talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! I am learning the amazing and lucrative world of Global Network Marketing; putting my English accent to jolly good use.

On the way back, when I turned South on Kelbaker Road, off Interstate 40; I seriously cried grateful tears to be back home in the Mojave Desert. Vegas was amazing and incredibly stimulating; I loved the whole experience. However, the feeling of peace that came over me when I drove past the salt flats on Amboy Road; over Sheephole Pass and around the wide bend to head West, was utterly lovely. I almost stopped at The Palms Bar and Restaurant in downtown Wonder Valley for lunch, but I could smell the barn and just wanted to get home to my Honey Jim and our Pup Abigail the schnitzel schnoodle! What a glorious Desert we live in; our very own, remote slice of heaven: we are indeed blessed.

Jim got us a bed for our ‘96 Chevy S-10 truck, which is so awesome! It’s a lovely teal color, off an Isuzu truck, but it lined up perfectly for us. Jim’s going to put the white tailgate off our old bed, onto the teal bed, so we’ll be driving a one-of-a-kind teal and white S-10 pick-up! A big shout-out and thanks to B&B auto-wrecking yard in 29Palms!

The Potluck Party is happening this Saturday afternoon, from 4pm. New Neighbors from far and wide are joining us these days: bringing more delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris are doing a marvelous job keeping the Potluck zipping along every month: thank you Ladies!

Our monthly First Saturday Breakfast is next week on May 2nd. The food is delicious and well-worth the drive out here to our beautiful Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center on Winters Road. We’d love to see your face: stay well!