Friday, May 15, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #221

Our little Community was a wonderful haven to come home to last weekend. I was in Las Vegas, driving a wee rental car, attending a 3-day Global Training Conference at the MGM Grande. Yes, little Me: talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! I am learning the amazing and lucrative world of Global Network Marketing; putting my English accent to jolly good use.

On the way back, when I turned South on Kelbaker Road, off Interstate 40; I seriously cried grateful tears to be back home in the Mojave Desert. Vegas was amazing and incredibly stimulating; I loved the whole experience. However, the feeling of peace that came over me when I drove past the salt flats on Amboy Road; over Sheephole Pass and around the wide bend to head West, was utterly lovely. I almost stopped at The Palms Bar and Restaurant in downtown Wonder Valley for lunch, but I could smell the barn and just wanted to get home to my Honey Jim and our Pup Abigail the schnitzel schnoodle! What a glorious Desert we live in; our very own, remote slice of heaven: we are indeed blessed.

Jim got us a bed for our ‘96 Chevy S-10 truck, which is so awesome! It’s a lovely teal color, off an Isuzu truck, but it lined up perfectly for us. Jim’s going to put the white tailgate off our old bed, onto the teal bed, so we’ll be driving a one-of-a-kind teal and white S-10 pick-up! A big shout-out and thanks to B&B auto-wrecking yard in 29Palms!

The Potluck Party is happening this Saturday afternoon, from 4pm. New Neighbors from far and wide are joining us these days: bringing more delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris are doing a marvelous job keeping the Potluck zipping along every month: thank you Ladies!

Our monthly First Saturday Breakfast is next week on May 2nd. The food is delicious and well-worth the drive out here to our beautiful Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center on Winters Road. We’d love to see your face: stay well! 

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