Friday, May 15, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #223

Our little Community was all a-slither last week! I haven’t seen so many snakes in such a short space of time in my entire 22 years up here on Copper Mountain Mesa. Our foster son Cody was up to help us with our annual Spring cleaning and in about 2 hours, we had four distinctly different Gopher snakes glide across the porch. Cody kept taking photos and sending them to his lovely wife Margaret. “Stop it,” I ordered him. “If you keep sending her those photos of snakes we’ll never get her to visit us again and she won’t let you bring the Grandbabies over either!”

JT Neighbor Roberta came over with her son Billy and we all just sat on the porch, drinkin’ a brewski and watching the Gopher snake show. These non-poisonous constrictors are amazing climbers and, of course, they were after the bearded sparrows who sleep in our porch eaves every night. Rarely, we turn on our porch light after dark and we can see their little sparrow eyes and beaks all smushed together trying to keep the light out. We call them our apartment dwellers and they’ve been there for years. Well, this year, judging by the hungry determination of our resident Gopher snakes, sparrow may be a delicacy on the snake menu.

A few days ago, I received this disturbing e-mail: “David Warren Goodknife here.  I am the Sweat Lodge Keeper and facilitator at JTRC (JT Retreat Center on 62). This past Monday my home away from home was reported  stolen, from our ceremonial grounds."

This makes me very sad. Here’s a humble man; blessing us all with his presence in our sacred Desert and someone rips off his Airstream? I mean, come on Neighbors. Thanks for reaching out David: I’m sincerely hoping your Airstream trailer home has been returned by now.

“Movie under the Stars” is starting up again at the Copper Mountain Community Center, next Saturday, May 16th starting around Sundown. Ken and Teresa Sitz; along with Kip Fjeld present, produce and host this entertaining Neighborly event. Join us; it’s fun; stay well!

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