Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #225

Our little Community was honored to welcome an amazing group of International Art Students to our Center last week. Local artist, Andrea Zittel, has been bringing different groups of Students to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center since 2013. This year, we welcomed students from Universities in New York; Tel Aviv, Israel; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden and Dublin, Ireland: indeed an international group!

Patrick Whalen and I welcomed everyone to the Center as they arrived in three vehicles. Inside, we went around the group and everyone introduced themselves and gave some general info. Patrick and I shared a little history about Copper Mountain Mesa and how our forefathers and mothers built this Center with government grants and their own blood, sweat and tears. A board full of photos showed the groundbreaking and step-by-step construction of the Firehouse and Community Center buildings. We told a few stories about our hair-raising adventures on the Mesa and shared affectionate anecdotes about some of our more colorful Neighbors.

Afterwards, the Students visited our fabulous Treasure Room and managed to sniff out some totally super-duper deals. We left Patrick to lock up, as I led the vehicle procession to my humble home, where Jim awaited us. We sat in a big circle in the house and I shared how I moved to the Mesa in 1993, with my then five-year-old son Erick. I chopped wood, hauled water and learned how to live in this beautiful, yet hostile environment. Two years later, Jim literally walked up to my door; way out here in the middle of nowhere: talk about synchronicity and meant-to-be! We’ve been together ever since. We raised Erick and fostered two teenagers; as well as feeding and/or rescuing a multitude of neighborhood children, animals, reptiles and birds! These days, we welcome groups of international students to our humble cabin on our remote Desert Mesa. Everyone marvels at our lifestyle and how happy we seem to be! Who would have ever thunk that Jim and I would come to represent nostalgic Desert Americana?

Spring 2015 semester at Copper Mountain College is over: stay well! 

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