Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #227

Our little Community has settled firmly into the “hot” season. We are rapidly approaching the longest day of the year and the Summer solstice will officially propel us into Summer: may I hear a collective groan? Here we go, Loves: brace yourselves!

Even though the Spring 2015 semester ended last month and all the Graduates celebrated their student hearts out: Copper Mountain College is still buzzing with activity. Students seeking last-minute counselling appointments; registration requests; financial aid assistance: there’s never a dull moment. I have been working in the ACCESS department for almost five months now and I am really enjoying it. We assist Students at Copper Mountain College, who have physical, mental or emotional challenges and we motivate our Students to be their very best in every possible way. If you stop by to see me, remember my Student name is Anne Alice Thacker!

Our Summer semester begins on Monday June 15. Come by and see us; there is still time to register although some classes may have a waiting list. I will be taking an American History class. I’m really excited; I’ve done African, European, British and World History; but never specifically American History through 1877. It’s an intensive course, however: four days a week for a month: phew!

Our Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board meeting is this Saturday June 13, from 10am. Feel free to join us at the Community Center, 65-336 Winters road. Our Treasure Thrift Room is always open during Events held at the Center; so come on down for some excellent shopping and the joy of knowing you’re a contributing member of your Community!

A sampling of the grooviful stuff available in the Treasure Room.
Our USDA food give-away is this Monday, June 15; third Monday of this month, at the Center from 8:30am. Our all-Volunteer crew will be there to assist needy families in the Community.

Starring Kirk Douglas and the sizzling hot Gena Rowlands
We are proud to invite you to our “Movie under the Stars” night, next Saturday, June 20th: 6:30pm. We’re watching “Lonely are the Brave”: a 1962 movie, starring Kirk Douglas and Gena Rowlands. Check our website for more information: Stay well!

Gourmet dogs: either Nathans or Hebrew National will be served.

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