Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #226

Our little Community is gathering this afternoon for the Potluck party, held at the Center on the last Saturday of every month, from 4pm. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris, have been hostessing the Potluck ever since Chris Jonas passed away last July. With their monthly themes and creative decorating, Mary and Chris are the driving force behind the resurging popularity of the Potluck party. Last month they attracted 11 guests and here are some of the delicious dishes: Bob Deloyd brought his to-die-for Road-kill Stew! Dorothy Jacobsen prepared Scalloped potatoes and a Strawberry cake; while daughter Dyan Carroll made Yummy Ribs, broccoli with cheese sauce and a Ginger-spice Trifle. Mary brought her Fried Chicken, with potato salad and key lime pie: daughter Chris provided Pea Salad, Saucy Jello and Peachy Cheesecake Pie. Charles Lange brought his appetite and dollars; while Susie Gardner and husband John prepared Honey-mustard Cucumber salad. Yvonne Francis concocted a great Pasta Salad; while Barbara and Ed Beneville created the Ultimate Casserole. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. For the May 30th Potluck this afternoon at 4pm , come on over to our beautiful Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center, located at 65-336 Winters Road and let’s chow down!

Fully laden potluck! Yum!
Next Saturday, June 6th, we will gather with Neighbors from 8-11am for the monthly first Saturday Breakfast. We have been attracting excellent numbers to recent Breakfasts and everyone always has lots of fun, enhanced by super-delicious food. We hope to see your smiling face!

I attended a meeting at the Wonder Valley Community Center last week; which was called so Neighborhood concerns could be addressed directly to the Bureau of Land Management, concerning their recent decision to open up 10,400+ miles of dirt roads (from Morongo Valley, to Wonder Valley) to Off-Highway Vehicles. If your road borders any Bureau of Land Management parcels, which are dotted around throughout the Basin, you will be experiencing increased traffic, noise, dust and hazards in your neck-o-the-Desert. Meeting attendees submitted letter opposing BLM’s decision: we have until June 4th to submit our letters of opposal. Please visit for more information. Stay well!

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