Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #230

Our little Community is in the second week of the “Lake Fire”; which has been spewing its smoke and ashes on us since June 17. At first, it looked like the fire would avoid us and be quickly contained, but at this time, it is raging and there’s no end in sight. Pioneer Town, Burns Canyon and Rimrock were under evacuation, as were the ranches along Pipes Canyon road. A friend of us lost all his chickens to smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion, before evacuating to Yucca Valley Community Center.

We were on standby for horse rescue during the first weekend of the fire, but Yucca Valley Equestrian Center stepped up to help large animals and livestock, while the Yucca Valley Animal Shelter housed dogs, cats and other smaller animals. It’s been extremely stressful for all of us, on so many levels; the most basic of which was difficulty breathing! And the heat: OMG! I sincerely hope that by the time you read this column, the fire will be out and we can begin the recuperation process.
The Lake Fire and a Meteor, captured by local, Frank Joseph Smith. Posted with permission.
The summer semester is underway at Copper Mountain College. I have been taking a U.S. History class. It’s seriously kicking my butt, cramming 18 weeks of classes and homework into 18 days! It is a fascinating class, and we have been studying the events leading up to the American Revolution. I definitely identify with American History and wanting Independence from the English. I was born in Kenya, on the East coast of Africa; a colony formerly known as British East Africa. The Kenyans won their Independence on December 12, 1963, after a bloody struggle against the British: known as the Mau Mau Uprising. I was just 8 years old, but I clearly remember the jubilation and rejoicing the moment Independence was won and a republic was born.

In my mid-twenties, I came to California as an immigrant, exactly thirty-three years ago. Now my American-born son Erick is a United States Citizen and I hope to be given some healthy American Grandchildren; who closely resemble their African-European-American Grandmother! 

Happy Birthday, America: stay well!

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