Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #232

[ Note: This column will not appear in the Hi-Desert Star.]

Our little Community Column almost didn’t make it into the newspapers this week. I woke up at four-thirty this morning and realised I had forgotten to write my 350-word piece, which is published in at least 3 local newspapers every week. I am supposed to meet my deadline of noon on Fridays. How could I possibly forget and miss my deadline? Leaving all my loyal and devoted readers columnless for this week, is a serious dropping the ball situation, right? Well, see, that’s the problem. Our deadline was changed a number of weeks ago and from what I see and hear, all your “Neighborhood News” Columnists are upset about it. Used to be, our deadline was Thursdays at noon and our Columns would be published in that Saturday’s newspaper. Now, we submit our columns by noon on Fridays, but they’re not published until the following week’s newspapers. So either I’m bringing you really “old hat” news, or I’m simply waffling trying to fill up my column.

Like our July 4th Community Breakfast last Saturday. As we are no longer reaching our readers in a timely fashion about upcoming events, we resorted to creating a Facebook Event to remind our Neighbors. Actually that worked really well, as we had the pleasure of serving 73 Neighbors an utterly delicious Breakfast. But still...we really missed a few regulars, who had obviously forgotten about the Breakfast, because it wasn’t in the paper that morning and had barely been mentioned the week before. I was tempted to mention the Breakfast in a prediction sort of way for the July 11th newspaper. You know: “A fabulous fourth of July Brekkie was enjoyed by all…”, but then I said to my friend Teresa Sitz who does the Joshua Tree column: “What if I report on the wonderful brekkie and there’s an earthquake that day and the Center collapses and there are no survivors? Everyone would know I was lying!”

Anyhooo; there it is. You missed our Bingo party on July 7th and you will miss our exciting board meeting, which is happening today, as I write this, but you won’t hear about it in the paper for another two weeks. Phaw; stay well!

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