Friday, July 31, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #235, July 31, 2015

Our little Community was under water during recent torrential rains. In all the 23 years I’ve lived out here on Copper Mountain Mesa, I have never seen storms like those moving through during the last week of July. One in particular turned our land into a flood plain; our driveway into a raging river. At one point, water started coming in through the back gate, turning the porch into a torrent of mud and water. The damage would have been a lot worse if one of our foster sons, Matt, hadn’t been there. He dug trenches, rerouting the raging rivers away from the porch, garage and main house. With thunder and lightning directly overhead, gale force winds, hailstones and torrential rain: it was an awesome performance by Mother Nature and even though a tad scary, it was also a very energizing and euphoric experience. Once the rain stopped, our other foster son, Cody, braved the flowing washes and mud bogs, to drive his wife Margaret and their two sons over to see us and make sure we were alright. Cody obviously enjoyed the hair-raising adventure immensely: his wife and children, however: not so much. The three of them looked quite pale-faced; eyes large with fright. Cody grew up on the Mesa and knows these roads intimately, having ridden every road on his dirtbike over the years; so he was able to pick a safe route on the desert dirt roads. Later, we heard others had not been so fortunate; becoming stuck and stranded. One man buried his full-size truck up to the frame, while the drainage pipes on Coyote Valley road were completely exposed by a chasm created by the rushing waters! Flashfloods are always dangerous and I’m relieved we survived this one: it was a doozy!

This is a video of a previous flash flood illustrating how bad it can get.

 Our Community Association Board meeting is happening this Saturday August 8, from 10am. You are most welcome to join us. Next Saturday, August 15, from 7:30pm, we are showing “Highway Dragnet” for our “Movie under the Stars” evening; starring: Richard Conte, Joan Bennett and Wanda Hendrix; directed by Nathan Juran. Stay well!

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