Friday, August 7, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #236, August 7, 2015

Our little Community enjoyed a splendid turnout for August’s First Saturday Breakfast. Seventy-eight Neighbors braved the storm-damaged roads, to enjoy a mouth-wateringly, delicious Brekkie. Unfortunately, Neighbor Charles Lange got stuck in the wash on Coyote Valley, but he was soon rescued by Wonder Valley Neighbor, Bob Tellefsen, who towed him out in no time. I was given the morning off, as I just underwent eye surgery for cataract removal and a new lens implant. I joined the smokers on the gazebo (even though I quit cigarettes years ago) and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast outside in the rainwashed Desert breeze. Billy Myers shared a 12-pack of brewskis and a jolly good chinwag was had by all!

The next morning we took off for The Palms Bar and Restaurant, way down Amboy road, for breakfast. We hardly made it out of our immediate Neighborhood, as Winters road, east of Coyote Valley was horrendously damaged. We had to negotiate a deep, wide, unbelievably soft sandpit for about two miles, before we finally reached higher ground and better roads. Jim kept the pedal to the metal, as we swayed, shimmied, jolted and jarred our way through the (quick)sand in our little 2-wheel drive 1996 Chevy truck. Breakfast, lovingly prepared by our most beautiful and talented Laura Sibley, tasted even better than usual! Accompanied by her brother James Sibley’s awesome Bloody Marys: rarely has Brekkie tasted better!

The sand displaced from this wash filled a dip in Saturn Street, making it impassable. 
Saturday, August 15th, Neighbors gather again, to enjoy our “Movie under the Stars” evening at the Community Center. “Dragnet Highway” will be showing and of course it’s a wonderful excuse to catch up with friends and celebrate yet another Neighborly get-together. Check out “Copper Mountain Mesa Community” on Facebook for further details: see you around sunset.
Our USDA Food giveaway is on Monday, August 17th from 8:30am and don’t forget our Community Potluck Buffet on Saturday, August 29th, from 4pm.

Back to the grindstone on Monday August 17th (and the end of all this oh-so-fun summer partying!) as Fall 2015 Semester at Copper Mountain College begins. Two more semesters ‘til I graduate: stay well!

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