Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roads, after the storm

The road, after flash flooding in this wash
These two pictures are of Saturn Street in the Copper Mountain Mesa area of Joshua Tree after the storm on July 29. There was flash flooding in this wash and it dug through the road bed, lowering that portion of the road by a foot or more and filling it with sand.

Flood damage on Saturn Street
Water flooded down this road undercutting the road sides, and depositing about 8 inches of sand. You can see, on the right, where the undercarriage of a car has "ironed out" a ridge of sand. After the major roads were graded and dragged, the county began work on the interior roads. By the following week this road was plowed and there are now high berms of sand on the road sides. The roads have not been restored to their previous condition, but the chance of getting stuck in the sand has been greatly reduced.

If your road becomes impassable, call John Bradshaw at San Bernardino County Special Districts, at 909-387-5940.

Please be sure to keep extra water, food, candles or flashlights, a radio, and other emergency supplies on hand, and keep tabs on your neighbors.

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