Friday, July 24, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #234, July 24, 2015

Our little Community looked more like the Sahara Desert than Copper Mountain Mesa, when all those winds were blowing through here. Phaw! The sand and dust relentlessly encroached upon our Neighborhood and visibility was down to about 100 yards just before dusk. The next days everyone was talking about the “Haboobs”. Is this an Americanization of the word “Habu”? (A Mediterranean term describing the phenomenon of turbulent, gusting winds whipping up sand and dust; driving this wall relentlessly forward, covering everything in a carpet of grit.) When I posted this question on Facebook, I received some deliciously naughty comments!

A sandstorm, or habu, building.
Anyhooo, our 3rd Saturday of the month “Movie under the Stars” evening went on, regardless of all the winds, sand and rains! “The Beast with a Million Eyes” was shown indoors, but some of us just stayed outside, under the gazebo; in the smokers section, gently partying, enjoying a lovely chinwag!
Our most splendiferously delicious Brekkie is happenin’ this Saturday, August 1st, from 8-11am. We’ve enjoyed tremendous turnouts lately, with well over 70 people of all ages and persuasions joining us for a jolly good Breakfast! Can’t wait to see You!

Discovered I received an ‘A’ in that History class I took during Summer Semester at Copper Mountain College: Yay! I am excited about the Fall semester and encourage you to sign up for classes: we are still accepting Fall registrations. How about an Art class? The Ceramics class has a brand new kiln and there’s Graphic Design; Digital Photography; what’s your passion? Hope to see you on campus: we’ll say “Helllooo!”

Hopefully all this ghastly detoured traffic through our quaint Desert towns will be over by then. Highway 62 suffered extensive damage during the Rains and our roads are getting hammered by this extra-heavy traffic.

Our Tuesday Night Bingo Party is on August 4th, from 6pm: we had a good crowd last month: hope to see you all again! Our monthly Board meeting falls on August 8th, from 10am: you are welcome to join in the fun! Our 2nd Tuesday PTSD meeting is on August 11th from 6pm. Stay well!

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