Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #237, August 15, 2015

Our little Community was sweltering recently, so it was a delightful turn of events when an opportunity presented itself to visit Ocean Beach, San Diego, where our son Erick lives with his lovely lady Courtney. It all came about when Matt - who lived with us as a teenager and is staying with us for a minute   - said it was one of his dearest wishes to visit the San Diego Zoo. Erick agreed that this was something we had to bring about and it soon became apparent that we would have to seize the moment, what with the Fall semester at Copper Mountain College starting on August 17th! So, we booked a room in Ocean Beach, rented an economy car from Hertz in Yucca Valley and drove off early Wednesday morning.

Abigail, our beloved golden Desert pup, accompanied us on her first trip anywhere, ever! She was so good, it was truly amazing and the Ocean Villa Hotel was right on the Dog Beach! We went walkies with all our new canine friends; chased each other around grinning hugely and even went swimming in the warm Pacific shallows!

Matt, who had never been in the Ocean before, waded out full of confidence, big smile: diving right  into the waves without a second thought. We got to have a lovely, long visit with Erick and Courtney; enjoying dinner and beers outside in the doggie run with Abigail and all her friends: it was utterly splendid!

At 8:30 the next morning, Erick picked Matt up and the two of them headed for the San Diego Zoo! Jim, Abigail and I enjoyed some more walkies on the Beach; all happy and warm, wading around: absolute bliss!

I am always glad to get home to the Mesa: back to the quiet and solitude. The house was cool and comfortable; thanks to our careful watering and mulching before we left, the garden was fine. Now that we know our golden Desert Dog morphs into a perfect beach babe pup, I’m hoping we’ll visit all our kids and grand kids more often; stay well!

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