Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #239

Our little Community will gather for the monthly First Saturday Breakfast on September 5th, from 8-11am. Our all-volunteer team works hard to give you the most delicious Breakfast and we are proud to serve you. Teresa Sitz is cashier and her lovely smile welcomes our guests at the front door. Each guest receives their own order form and circles their Breakfast choices, which servers Patrick Whalen and I collect and hand in to the Kitchen crew. Steve Tuttle mans the grill and prepares the bacon, sausage, hashbrowns and pancakes. Kip Fjeld and Ken Sitz alternate as Egg Chef and Kitchen Wench; while Jay Babcock keeps busy filling the biscuits and gravy orders. Steve’s sister Carrie busses the tables, while his wife Mary Helen does the dishes and helps us serve the food. We have become a good team and work very hard to please our guests. Hope to see your little face!

I had the pleasure and privilege of taking care of my 91-year young friend, Annette recently; so that her regular caregiver could take a week off. I give her a massage every week anyway, but it was lovely to spend the extra time with Annette. The most splendid experience of our week was a visit to Morongo Valley’s Covington Park. I got to drive her 30 year old Mercury Grand Marquis station wagon, “Mabel”, which was a super treat. We parked in the dense shade of  the Cottonwood trees and Annette got her drawing pad and pen, preparing to sketch the gnarled skeleton of the tree stump in front of her. I strolled along the “Marsh Trail” which was wonderfully shady and cool. I thoroughly enjoyed a meditational moment, sitting quietly on a bench, listening to trickling water and rustling in the trees; as birds flitted all around me. When I returned to the car, Annette was just finishing her sketch, which was really good and captured the shading and texture of the dead tree perfectly.

As summer swelters on, do you a favor and visit Covington Park; you’ll be glad you did. Stay well!

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