Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #240

Our little Community has been buzzing with celebratory events lately. On the last Saturday of every month, we gather for our Potluck Buffet. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris put on their Hostess hats for the occasion and folks show up from far and wide, bringing their favorite delicious food dishes to share. We had Tuscan Chili with croissants; Spaghetti-o Surprise; Mushroom Raviolis; Enchiladas; Antipasto salad; pickled Squash and Rice casserole, with fancy cake; key-lime pie; trifle; fresh fruit platter and banana pudding for dessert. Everyone broke bread together and chit-chatted until around 6pm: a splendid time was had by all. Our next Community Potluck Buffet is on Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 4pm.

Our First Saturday monthly Breakfast was another record-breaker and we served 81 Neighbors a super Yummelicious Brekkie. It is lovely to see so many friendly faces in our Community Center and we had an extra crew of wonderful Volunteers to help us out. Special thanks to Doug and Marlene Marron; Stewart West and Matt Perez for all your hard work: we appreciate You! We even had the pleasure of serving Bruce - from Bruce’s Coyote Cafe on Copper Mountain College campus - who stopped by to see us. Thanks Bruce: it was a pleasure to serve you and I’ll see you at school next week! I also wanted to thank all you lovely Neighbors who purchased a copy of my book “Kenya Cowgirl” from the Treasure Room. I must have autographed at least 6 copies, making me feel quite world-famous in Joshua Tree!

Jim and I will be sad to see Matt Perez take off for Texas. He arrived the day before the big floods in July and spent six weeks with us. It has been an amazing experience watching him grow in confidence and neighborly love and now he’s off to make his fortune in Texas. We love you, Matt and I know I speak for all of us who were fortunate enough to spend time with you. You are truly a wonderful fellow and we wish you all the very best for your future. Please come back and visit all your Copper Mountain Mesa Neighbors soon. Stay well!

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