Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #242, September 26, 2015

Our little Community was kissed by light rains several times recently. No downpours or raging washes; just sweet, light rains, enough to lay down the dust. Of course all this lovely rain is bringing a decided downside in the form of small, fast, grey mice! They are such a nuisance and we’ve already had 2 Gopher snakes and a red racer (or coachwhip to some) in the house trying to rustle up some delicious mouse mousse! I don’t like snakes in my house; even non-venomous constrictors. Thank goodness the temperatures are cooling off and soon all this rodent/reptile energy will be snoozing for the winter.

Gopher snake, Copper Mountain Mesa, Ken Sitz
Can you believe we are already into the Fall and the Holidays loom before us! Just kidding; the holiday season is a particularly delightful time up here on Copper Mountain Mesa; with mild weather and sunny skies: usually! With this El Nino we are slipping into, however: all bets are off! We may have snowdrifts on Thanksgiving and 100-degree temps on Christmas Day; it has happened before!

Our monthly Community Potluck Buffet is happening at the Center, Saturday, September 26, 2015, from 4 pm. You are encouraged to join us and bring your favorite delicious dish to share!

Next week, October 3rd, we are celebrating our first monthly Saturday Breakfast of the fall Season. This event has been drawing record crowds of hungry Neighbors and no wonder: charming Volunteers prepare and serve a superb quality and quantity Breakfast, made with love especially for you! Hope you’ll join us at the Community Center 65-336 Winters Road, from 8-11 am.

It’s time for our dog Abigail’s annual rabies shot and vaccinations. We are so grateful to the Animal Action League (on Highway 62 in Joshua Tree) for providing low-cost spay/neutering services, as well as all annual shots required by the County for Licensing compliance. They will be open on September 29 and 30 from 10 am-2 pm. Last year, we were especially grateful for their services, because we suffered a serious parvo outbreak on the Mesa. In fact, a close neighbor of ours, Susie Gardner, lost her two dogs; while our pup Abigail, who had just received all her shots, breezed through the deadly threat with no worries. Phew: stay well!

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