Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi-Desert Star Column #243, October 3, 2015

Our little Community Breakfast is happening this Saturday, October 3, 2015, from 8-11am. It is always a memorable and joyous occasion to sit down next to your favorite Copper Mountain Mesa Neighbor and enjoy a jolly good chinwag over a most delicious Brekkie, prepared by your favorite Volunteer. See you there!

Abigail, our golden desert dog, is a very sweet girl and always kind to humans and dogs. Her canine buddy Blaze - so nicknamed because he is mainly black, with a huge, white blaze on his chest - often comes over to see us and visit with Abigail. Recently, however, he brought one of the locals over to visit: a large, female labrador/pitbull mix named Bella, who lives just down the road. Her owner lets his dogs out of their fenced yard every morning, to go for a nice gallop around the Neighborhood. There’s never been any problem with the dogs, who frequently come over and do their business on our property. This one morning, however, Bella came onto Abigail’s porch, perilously close to Abigail’s Dad and she wasn’t having it.

I came out of a lovely, early morning snooze, to the horrific sounds of a serious dog brawl just feet away from my open window. Jim was already outside and immediately jumped up to separate the two dogs, but their jaws were in lock down mode and no-one was letting go. I leapt out of bed, raced outside and grabbed the hose; turning it on full blast. The old hose in the nose did the trick and I was able to drag a fiercely resistant Abigail into the house; while Jim chased Bella off the property. Fortunately, neither dog was seriously injured, but Jim and I both had cuts and scrapes on our feet and legs. Ugh! I am mortally terrified of dogfights. It’s going to take me a minute to stop having flashbacks.

 How did you like that huge, full Moon, at its closest proximity to Earth in decades and going through a teensy, weensy total eclipse to boot?! Well, I suppose if we’re reading this column, the world didn’t end again and life hurtles on: stay well!

Photo courtesy of Robert Deloyd

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