Friday, March 11, 2016

Hi-Desert Star Column #266, March 10, 2016

Our little Community Breakfast was rockin’ again last Saturday. Eighty-three guests fed and sent on down the bumpy dirt roads, with happy tummies and faces.

Speaking of bumpy dirt roads, ours were smooth for half a second, about a week ago. I mentioned it in this column and praised the “mystery grader” to high heaven! Weeell; turns out this was not an act of charity or kindness! Winters road was graded from the pavement to Lear avenue and Coyote Valley road was graded from La Brisa to the intersection of Winters. That’s it and as I said, the ‘smooth-job’ barely lasted a few days before all the old ruts, sand traps and solid rock ‘curbs’ were right back where we started from.

Apparently, someone from San Bernardino County supervisors office authorized this grading and we were sent the bill! Yup: you heard me, Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association, which is barely managing to keep the doors open at our Community Center, received a bill from the “mystery grader” for $840.00! Mind you, all of us Neighbors just forked over for property taxes in December and we’re about to fork over a whole lot more by April 10th. Part of those taxes is supposed to finance the grading and maintaining of our dirt roads. What is going on? I smell a stinky, that’s what: a big, fat stinky! Rest assured, CMMCA Board members Steve Tuttle, Kip Fjeld, Mike Casey and David King are all over it and we are splendidly represented at the Municipal Advisory Committee meetings, by Mary Helen Tuttle.

Our monthly Board meeting is happening this Saturday morning, March 12th, from 10 o’clock. The monthly USDA food giveaway is on Monday, March 21st from 9am. Also, I’ve received enquiries regarding our annual Easter egg-coloring party, which we usually tag on to the breakfast nearest to Easter weekend. This year, however, Easter falls on the weekend of March 26th and our Community Potluck Buffet just happens to fall on that weekend, the last Saturday of March. Perhaps it would be more fun to color eggs at the Potluck party? I await your response; stay well!

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