Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hi-Desert Star Column #267, March 19, 2016

Our little Community Potluck Buffet will be going on next Saturday, March 26th, from 4pm. That is Easter weekend, so we’ve decided to hold our annual Egg Coloring event that Saturday as well.

Should be fun; we’ve always enjoyed ourselves immensely, creating beautiful huevos, outside on the porch at our beloved Community Center. So, please join us and bring the kids, the grandkids and the great-grandkids, as well as all your favorite friends and neighbors. Let’s party people! Whatever your religious persuasion might be, coloring eggs is always a unifying, joyful experience for all concerned. Hope to see you there, along with your favorite dish to share!

Upcoming Monday morning, our very dear and appreciated Neighbor, Bill Trees, will be organizing the details for our monthly USDA food giveaway, beginning at 10a.m. This food giveaway and our monthly Breakfast continue to be the two biggest attractions for getting Neighbors to leave their own, personal Desert retreats and come join us at the Community Center!

By the way, I misreported on our road grading status last week.

Winters Road west of Friendship
Winters road was only graded from the pavement to Friendship road and Coyote Valley road was graded from La Brisa to the intersection of Winters. That’s it. Neighbors on the east end of the Mesa did not receive any road grading whatsoever. Sadly, the ‘smooth-job’ barely lasted a few days anyway, before all the old ruts, sand traps and solid rock ‘curbs’ were right back where we started from. The grader dude did an incomplete job on the few roads he worked on and his bill for that privilege was $840: I saw it with my own eyes! Meantime, boy do we pay the price for our appalling roads. A few weeks back, Jim had to replace our in-tank fuel pump; last week the idler bearing seized, the  bolt rattled completely out and our serpentine belt dropped off into the road, disabling the entire vehicle! What’s next? Well, I took a bad tumble, landed on my face and slid on my nose for a bit, so if you see me, be nice OK? Stay well!

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