Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hi-Desert Star Column, November 24, 2016

Our little Community Potluck Buffet took place last Saturday, November 19th, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Our very own Bob Deloyd attended this gourmet event at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center.

Here’s what he said:
“I went to Potluck with my rice and cookies - I can’t cook. Dyan Carroll and her mom, Dorothy Jacobsen showed us their culinary skills with a delicious spread of salmon patties, turkey stuffing, coleslaw, cheddar cheese broccoli and carrot cake. Mary Koval and her daughter Chris van Nortrick stirred up some mighty tasty stew. Susie Gardner tended bar and handed out out non-alcoholic Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers. Dave brought some Barbecue beans that were to die for: if you ate too many of them! It was Mary Koval’s and Dave King’s Mom’s birthday and we all got to sing Happy Birthday twice. There were around twenty hungry folks who showed up.” 
Thank you, Bob, good to hear your voice!

Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
Happy Birthday felicitations to all You November Birthday Celebrators out there and hugzzzz to Mary and Aggie! While we’re in such a festive mood, here’s wishing us all a lovely Thanksgiving Celebration. From our neck-o’-the-sands to yours: Gobble gobble and Tofu tofu - may you have lots to be thankful for!

We are all very thankful our beloved Jim is here with us this year. We will be enjoying a liquid Turkey dinner, so Jim can ingest the meal via his feeding tube, which goes directly into his stomach. He can’t taste anything, but his nose tells him it’s delicious. It’s all good, he’s gained over ten pounds and we are thankful, yes indeedee!

By the way our new Copper Mountain Mesa Board of Directors line-up is: Ken Sitz - President; David King and Kip Fjeld - 1st & 2nd Vice-presidents; Rohini Walker and Christian Camargo - co-Secretary; Tim Atzei, Jay Babcock and Stephanie Smith - Directors; with Mary Helen Tuttle as appointed Treasurer. Thank you all so very much for stepping up; we sincerely appreciate your service.

Board of directors, artist's depiction
Next Saturday, December 3rd is our monthly Breakfast from 8-11am. We can’t wait to see your face and spoil you rotten: stay well!

Hi-Desert Star Column, November 17, 2016

Our little Community held our annual “changing of the Guard” Board meeting last Saturday. The closing of the fiscal year meeting was at 1 p.m., immediately followed by the General meeting. I have been President of the Board of Directors for the past two years and it would have been nice if I was there to conduct my last meeting, but...I couldn’t show. I did go over to the Community Center just before 2 p.m., to share that I am simply unable to be part of the Board right now. I formally handed in my set of keys and assured everyone I would be back just as soon as I’ve completed my education.

All those kind, sympathetic eyes were just too much for me and I completely broke down. Tears streaming down my “ugly-cry” face, I shared my woes with my beloved Neighbors. Everyone was so encouraging and I got lots of Big Hugzzzz! I left right after that, so with many humble apologies, I must confess that I have no idea who the President or newly elected Board Members are.

I’m feeling pulled in so many directions and I’m not present enough to be a good ambassador for our beloved Community at the moment. I have been worried about the quality of this Copper Mountain Mesa column recently too. My writing is very self-absorbed right now. It’s almost impossible for me to talk about local goings-on in a cheerful tone, which, I think is what is expected of me as representative and columnist of our wonderful Neighborhood.

Bob DeLoyd
Our very dear Neighbor, Bob Deloyd, who wrote this column for eleven years and was my immediate predecessor, offered to help out here and there, writing about the Potluck and that sort of thing, which I appreciated greatly. Then, Neighbor Jay Babcock e-mailed me, offering to help in any way, including taking over the column if that was the solution to my dilemma. Jay is an engaging story-teller, loves this Mesa, is involved with local conservation, volunteers at the Center and has impressive writing credentials.

Between us, we gotcha covered; stay well!

Copper Mountain Mesa volunteers honored

At the San Bernardino County Fire Department Fifth Annual Firefighter Appreciation Banquet, held May 2, 1987 at the SBC Fairgrounds in Victorville, six Copper Mountain Mesa volunteer firefighters were honored for 5 years of service. Those honored were:

  • Maria Girouard
  • Juan Maybee
  • Robert R. Maybee
  • Biffel Redfern
  • Stephanie Villarreal
  • Michael Villarreal

According to the 1982 Fire Protection Annual Report, published by San Bernardino County Forestry and Fire Warden Department,
The Copper Mountain Mesa Fire Station 44 was dedicated May 28 [1982] and was constructed entirely by the community through fund-raising activities to purchase the building materials, and labor was donated to construct the building.
According to the 1983 Fire Protection Annual Report, published by San Bernardino County Forestry and Fire Warden Department,
Grant fund monies were given to... Copper Mountain Mesa Station 44 to beautify station grounds by planting trees and shrubs and adding automatic water systems, fences and planters.
Sparky the Dog and Smokey the Bear flank the volunteer firefighters.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New CMMCA Board Voted In

Four new board members were elected to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association at the Annual General Membership Board Meeting on Saturday, November 12 at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center.

From left to right board members are Jay Babcock, elected; David King, re-elected; TimAtzei; Kip Fjeldt, re-elected; Christian Camargo, elected; Ken Sitz; Rohini Walker, elected; and Stephanie Smith, elected.

Outgoing President Annelies Kuiper stopped by to wish the new board luck. Mike Casey tendered his resignation that day. Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle helped with the election and also wished the new board their best.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Hi-Desert Star Column for Copper Mountain Mesa, November 10, 2016

Our little Community is on the brink of a very important election of our own. It’s time to elect new Copper Mountain Mesa Community Association Board members, as well as decide who will be our next President and Vice Presidents.

I am writing this article on the morning after the Nation’s Presidential election. As I do not have TV, I kept an eye on things via internet overnight, as I finished my Communication essay and did my readings for class. First thing this morning I checked my computer and it was true, it wasn’t a nightmare: Donald Trump won the 2016 United States Presidential election.

Obviously, the majority of American voters wants to stick with the “Me first; I’m right; my wealth, my god; my rules; my skin color: all is right-wing conservative-alrighty in my country. The rest of the world, climate change etc., can just go away and stop being so damned annoying”. I must confess, I am astounded, disappointed and dismayed. I know what the Global Community thinks of our presidential choice!

There is one bright light, people! Marijuana is now sort-of legal in California. Let’s go medicate ourselves into oblivion and we won’t care who our president is or what direction he takes our beloved America in. We’ll have our pot and pills; won’t have to worry about a thing!

Okay, onward ever onward. If you’re around this weekend, join us at the Community Center at 65336 Winters road, on Saturday November 12th from 1 p.m. for the final Board meeting of the fiscal year. My two terms as Madame President are over and I sincerely thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve my beloved Community.
Young, tech-savvy needed
The General Membership Meeting which follows at 2 p.m. will vote to fill three seats: mine, as well as Mary Helen and Steve Tuttle’s . We are calling on Neighbors to step up, address the issues and help lead the Center. It’s time for change; we need younger minds with innovative, workable solutions, technologically savvy, with a clear direction for the Community of Copper Mountain Mesa. See you at the Meeting; stay well!