Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hi-Desert Star Column, November 17, 2016

Our little Community held our annual “changing of the Guard” Board meeting last Saturday. The closing of the fiscal year meeting was at 1 p.m., immediately followed by the General meeting. I have been President of the Board of Directors for the past two years and it would have been nice if I was there to conduct my last meeting, but...I couldn’t show. I did go over to the Community Center just before 2 p.m., to share that I am simply unable to be part of the Board right now. I formally handed in my set of keys and assured everyone I would be back just as soon as I’ve completed my education.

All those kind, sympathetic eyes were just too much for me and I completely broke down. Tears streaming down my “ugly-cry” face, I shared my woes with my beloved Neighbors. Everyone was so encouraging and I got lots of Big Hugzzzz! I left right after that, so with many humble apologies, I must confess that I have no idea who the President or newly elected Board Members are.

I’m feeling pulled in so many directions and I’m not present enough to be a good ambassador for our beloved Community at the moment. I have been worried about the quality of this Copper Mountain Mesa column recently too. My writing is very self-absorbed right now. It’s almost impossible for me to talk about local goings-on in a cheerful tone, which, I think is what is expected of me as representative and columnist of our wonderful Neighborhood.

Bob DeLoyd
Our very dear Neighbor, Bob Deloyd, who wrote this column for eleven years and was my immediate predecessor, offered to help out here and there, writing about the Potluck and that sort of thing, which I appreciated greatly. Then, Neighbor Jay Babcock e-mailed me, offering to help in any way, including taking over the column if that was the solution to my dilemma. Jay is an engaging story-teller, loves this Mesa, is involved with local conservation, volunteers at the Center and has impressive writing credentials.

Between us, we gotcha covered; stay well!

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